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Introducing 'The Huntress'!
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Physical Statistics
Height 5'5"
Weight 140 lbs.
Biceps 13.5"
Quads 24.0"
Calves 15.75"


About 'The Huntress'

If there were a dictionary of domination, you'd look up "scissors" and see there a picture of 'The Huntress'. Smiling. And scissoring. Because lord knows, this is one power-legged lady whose name is synonymous with scissors. 'The Hungtress' is gorgeous, rock hard at 5-5 and 140 pounds, possessed of two the most brutal, savage and agony-inducing legs we at ScissorVixens.com have ever felt, and a mischievous streak atop it all that makes her one of the most charming, fun and lethal ladies you will every likely find - at least on this planet. 'The Huntress' loves, just LOVES putting the leggy hurt on her victims and will laugh at your pain. And there will be pain. Make no mistake about it, with 'The Huntress' doing the scissoring, there will definitely be pain...

Cindy Huntress



Cindy Huntress' Full Video Downloads


'Scissor Magic'




featuring Cindy Huntress

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'Scissor Rights Activist'




featuring Cindy Huntress

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