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Introducing Mistress Amrita!
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Physical Statistics
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
Biceps 12.5"
Quads 22.0"
Calves 13.50"


About Mistress Amrita

This Japanese beauty hails from Tokyo, is well traveled, lives half the year in Europe and has one of the most devastating headscissor holds on the planet. Standing a tallish 5-foot-6, and weighing a hard 120 pounds, Amrita has a gorgeous, well-proportioned body and legs like a steel trap. Her scissors are legendary and now we know the reason why. If she puts on half pressure, she?ll have you screaming like a baby. Anything more than that, not only will you cry like a bitch in her marble-hard thighs with the insanely focused adductor control that makes your head feel like it?s caught in a vise, but you?ll instantly submit, break, pass out or die. This is one beautiful, brutal lady and as strong, dominant and scissorific as they come?

Mistress Amrita





Mistress Amrita's Full Video Downloads


'Mistaken Scissored Identity'




featuring Mistress Amrita

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'The Scissor Lock'




featuring Mistress Amrita

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