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Introducing Abby!
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Physical Statistics
Height 5'7"
Weight 140 lbs.
Quads 23.0"
Calves 13.0"

About Abby

Abby Says: Completely new to this site, but have been wrestling for about 5 years. I would like to do regular sessions. I dont do ANY nude at all. I love being able to knock someone out, it makes me feel powerful! Although it is not fake, you have to tell me if you want me to knock you out or not. Im a natural Domme so I may or may not comply ;) I love humiliating my victims with spanking and normal trash talk. Its cute to see such a beautiful girl take control of you.

ScissorVixens Says:  Abby is as cute as they come!  When we first met her at our studios in Vegas and asked how tall she was...she said 5'7".  But the way she towered over Drew (who must be shrinking)...she seemed much taller than that!  But Abby is ALL LEGS and that makes her deceptively taller than she is.

Abby told us she's been in the domme and mixed wrestling scene for 5 years while living in the Tampa, Fl. area.  How we were not aware of her (while we were also located in the Tampa area) until now is a mystery but now that we are in Vegas...we are more than happy to have finally met her here for her first ScissorVixen shoot!

Abby couldn't wait to go out and explore Vegas when she first arrived and was dressed to impress while wearing a very short skirt, showing off her long legs, and high heels. I warned her not to stand around on any corners too long wearing that eye-catching outfit and with that she just smiled and replied..."I know how to wrestle...I think I can probably take care of myself!".

Well...ok then!  I think we have a very confident young lady who isn't afraid kick some ass if required!

Want your ass kicked by Abby!?  Then contact her below...I'm sure she'll be more than happy to arrange it!



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