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It's a Perfect SCISSOR Day!






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Video Description

Standing at 5'11" Amazon BEAUTY Ren has legs that are endlessly long and very strong!  She has an extensive athletic background and stays in incredible shape from dancing and outdoor activities such as riding her bike for miles, running and hiking. She also has a military background complete with many forms of combat training.

Now living in Florida, Ren is a Georgia native where she grew up a tomboy.  Although there is nothing boyish looking about Ren now if you get in a 'rassling' (as she pronounces it) match with her you'll be the one feeling like a little girl after she whoops your butt!

And if she gets her legs around you, which is nearly impossible to avoid, you're done!

Just ask Drew who pisses her off after telling her she should find something else to do to get out of the house since her planned beach day is ruined by the rain.

While still wearing her beach bikini she decides that although it's no longer the perfect beach day it's shaping up to the perfect scissor day instead!

Watch as the long-legged beauty totally DESTROYS Drew in devastating scissor hold after devastating scissor hold including locking him up in a rib-busting figure-4 around his body!

It's obvious Ren is having way too much fun squeeeeeezing the living daylights out of Drew and before she calls it a scissor-day knocks him out cold in a CRUSHING scissor hold across his neck!

So check out Amazon Ren in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'It's a Perfect Scissor Day!'.


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