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SVDL-973 "Slingshot SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page

Slingshot SCISSORS!


Chichi Mendez




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Video Description

"All I can say is wow!! What a great video and what an awesome outfit. This could be one of your sexiest ones yet!"

Quote from customer who ordered 'Slingshot Scissors' custom video.


And after watching Chichi in this video we're sure you'll agree too! 

This video was a custom video request in which the customer was dying to see Chichi wearing a sexy slingshot lingerie piece.  Luckily for us when I asked Chichi if she has such an outfit she replied "Yes...I have a few of them!". 

And after seeing Chichi walk out of the dressing room wearing it I could see why he chose her to wear it for his custom video!

It was only a few months ago that we last shot with Chichi but this time she showed up even more muscular (particularly her thighs) than before!  When I asked her what she's been doing to get in such great shape she replied..."Well...I've been teaching an exercise class incorporating various ballet moves and positions the past few months.".

Trust us folks...we've worked with a few ballet dancers and their legs can KILL and Chichi is no exception!

As a matter of fact I still have a red dot underneath my left eye from the broken blood vessels caused my Chichi's powerful scissors one week after the shoot! 

And at one point I thought she did some serious damage to my neck as I felt a very sharp pain (like a knife) while she was cranking on the pressure in a side neck scissors...one of her favorites and most deadly!

In this video Chichi is excited about her new job as a dancer at a club called Slingshots.  And mandatory attire for all the dancers at Slingshots is of course slingshot lingerie.

But Drew isn't too happy about the incredibly skimpy outfit or the fact that she's going to be dancing at the club and tells her to forget about it?she's not working there.

And that's when Chichi wraps her insanely SEXY and very STRONG thighs around his neck and cranks on eye-popping pressure asking him..."Well...how about you wear my Slingshot SCISSORS instead!?".

Chichi's thighs look simply AMAZING in this video and no doubt her slingshot lingerie helped accentuate the look.

So check out Chichi in her SEXY ScissorVixen video titled 'Slingshot SCISSORS!'.


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