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SVDL-963 "Straighten, Hold and SQUEEEEZE!" Preview and Download Page

Straighten, Hold and SQUEEEEZE!


Monica Jade




High Definition


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Video Description

When we first saw Monica Jade it was poolside at the annual Fetcon event here in Tampa, Fl.  One look at her legs while wearing a bikini and we knew we had to approach her about shooting for ScissorVixens.com and so we did. 

A few months later Monica contacted us to let us know she was on her way to Tampa and ready to do some SCISSORING and we were more than ready to oblige!

The first thing we wanted to know from Monica Jade was what sports she participated in and assumed based on her leg development something like track and field, gymnastics or perhaps soccer.  But we were very surprised when she said she didn't compete in any sports growing up! 

After I told her that she's got one of the best natural physiques we've ever seen she then mentioned working out for the last several months doing pole-dancing fitness.  Of course we all know which body part benefits the most from women squeezing a pole between her thighs now don't we!?  That pretty much explained the muscles in her thighs bulging out when we asked her to practice a few scissors on our practice pillow.

The second thing we wanted to know was what her ethnic background is since she has a very unique and exotic look and she told us African American and Native American mix.

And the last thing we asked Monica Jade is how tall she is and she told us 5'3" tall which qualifies her as one of our 'Small but MIGHTY' ScissorVixens.

In her debut ScissorVixen video Monica is working out doing leg extensions when suddenly a Mr. Know-it-all offers her some unsolicited advice.

"Uhhh...you aren't doing these leg extensions correctly.  You need to straighten your legs all the way out then hold and squeeze at the top...".

But then he makes the fatal mistake of touching Monica's thigh in an attempt to show her what he means.

And that's when Monica Jade jumps off of the machine and shows him what she means by 'Straighten, Hold and SQUEEEEZE!' by doing just that with her thighs around his neck!

This was Monica's very first scissor video ever but with her pole-dancing background all she had to do is pretend her male victim's neck was her exercise pole and squeeeeeeze the living daylights out of him which she did over and over again!

In the end Monica wraps her powerful thighs right across his throat and CRUSHES him into unconsciousness!

So check out our GORGEOUS ebony ScissorVixen Monica Jade in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Straighten, Hold and SQUEEEEZE!'.


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