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SVDL-936 "Amazon Man-CRUSHERS!" Preview and Download Page

Amazon Man-CRUSHERS!


Alexis Grace and Sablique Von Lux




High Definition

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Video Description

GORGEOUS Alexis Grace debuts with SEXY ScissorVixen Sablique Von Lux to CRUSH the life out of the pizza man!

What can be sexier than watching a gorgeous 6 ft. Amazon totally destroy a much shorter male between her long, powerful thighs...?  Well...how about watching TWO 6 ft. Amazons wrapping their long legs around their little victim and squeeeeezing the living daylights out of him...just for fun!

And that's exactly what Alexis Grace and her twin-tower Amazon friend Sablique Von Lux enjoy doing to unsuspecting men they lure into their leggy death trap!

They decide to order some pizza for lunch but it's not pizza they are hungry for.  So when the pizza man shows up and expects to be paid Alexis Grace and Sablique Von Lux tell him they don't have any money. But instead offer to 'pay' him in other ways such as having some fun with two gorgeous 6 ft. tall Amazons...or so he thinks!

Watch as Sablique Von Lux wraps her long thighs tightly around his stomach and ribs while Alexis Grace climbs up behind him and clamps her CRUSHERS around his neck. 

Then the REAL SCISSOR FUN begins for the two towering Amazons as the little man feels like pizza dough being SQUEEEEZED flat between two steel rollers!

As is the case with most 2-on-1 videos it always seems like a good idea until the squeezing begins.  Then I'm left wondering why in the hell I keep volunteering for this kind of punishment!  Right from the start Sablique Von Lux's thighs were doing some major damage around my stomach making it nearly impossible to breath!  Then once Alexis Grace clamped her thighs around my neck I was about ready to call it quits just a few minutes into the video!

But I knew how incredible the video would turn out to be featuring two beautiful Amazons together scissoring the shit out of me if I could hold on to survive which in this case is 18 minutes.  Sorry but a 30 minute video with these two would have been suicide!

So for fans of tall, leggy and gorgeous Amazons CRUSHING their much shorter male victim into oblivion check out Alexis Grace and Sablique Von Lux together in 'Amazon Man-CRUSHERS!'.


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