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SVDL-934 "Who's the Schleper Now!?" Preview and Download Page

Who's the Schleper Now!?


Nikki Delano




High Definition


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Video Description

Voted 'Best Ass' at the 2012 AVN awards in Las Vegas Nikki Delano's legs are every bit as impressive!

We first shot with well-known adult entertainer Nikki Delano 2 years ago and back then she was blonde.  This time around Nikki shows up wearing dark hair but one thing that has not changed is her insanely sexy and very muscular thighs! 

In fact during an interview with another producer when asked what her favorite body part is she replied..."My legs!  I love my legs and think that every woman should have a pair of strong, muscular and shapely legs.".

If you recall when we first shot with her our first victim didn't think Nikki's legs were that strong while taking pictures.  But once the video started to roll Nikki cranked on the pressure and our victim's eyes were practically popping out of his head from Nikki's powerful SQUEEEEEZE!  There were many frantic tap-outs that followed during that video!

So this time around we knew what we were getting into once Nikki wrapped her SKULL CRUSHERS around our necks which was a world of extreme SCISSOR PAIN! 

In this video Nikki is called in by a producer to fill in for a last second model cancellation.  He needs another model to do a girl vs girl catfight scene and with little time to find new talent decides to call one of his 'schlepers'...a term he uses to refer to models he has shot with over and over again but no longer sell the way they use to. 

But when Nikki arrives to the studio a little early and overhears the producer referring to her as a schleper on the phone she's about to show him who the real schleper is!

Well one thing Nikki Delano is NOT is a schleper and now it's time to teach this producer what her award-winning 'Best Ass' and killer legs are capable of!

Nikki's legs are nothing but muscle and when she's pouring on the pressure her legs are rock solid with bulging thigh muscle!

In one scene Nikki comes close to knocking the producer out cold in a BRUTAL side neck scissor on the couch right before he taps out!

So for fans of the VERY FIT and STRONG-LEGGED adult entertainer Nikki Delano she's even more vicious and sadistic in this ScissorVixen video titled 'Who's the Schleper Now!?'.


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