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SVDL-836 "Scissor Slaughter with Skylar and Jolene!" Preview and Download Page

Scissor Slaughter Series


Skylar Rene and Jolene 'The Valkyrie'




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Video Description

Originally meant for our Savage Scissor Series after this 2-on-1 MASSACRE we decided it would be our first video in a new series called Scissor Slaughter Series with Skylar Rene and Jolene 'The Valkyrie'!

What ScissorVixens.com members love more than anything is a one-sided scissor beatdown where the girl clamps on as many scissors as the victim can take within the course of the video.  But many of you have written us over the years and have expressed interest in a semi-competitive video where the guy is actually fighting back.  The problem with most of these "semi-competitive" or "competitive" videos is unless the girl can completely overmatch her male opponent what you end up with is very few 'high and tight' scissors with the male victim being able to block or wiggle out of a loosely secured scissor hold.  And often the producers of such "semi-competitive" or "competitive" videos has to give the male opponent a little *wink* to start allowing the female to "gain" the advantage all the while still claiming it's a real "semi-competitive" or "competitive" video.

Well...we don't like to make things that are evenly matched or fair here at ScissorVixens.com.  We like it when the girl or girls absolutely SLAUGHTER their male victims whether or not he really tries to fight back!  So our best solution is to start a new series called 'Scissor Slaughter Series'!  Where this differs from our Savage Scissor Series is unlike the savage series the male victims in our Scissor Slaughter Series will be instructed to try and stay out of the girls scissor holds.  And the best way to make sure the male victim doesn't stand a chance and gets KILLED in MURDEROUS SCISSOR HOLDS is to have him take on not one but two, fit and powerful ScissorVixens at the same time...FORGET ABOUT IT!

Both Skylar Rene and Jolene 'The Valkyrie' (aka Karma) made their scissoring debut on ScissorVixens.com a few years ago!  Both have gone on to be two of the most popular fetish (scissors, mixed wrestling, beatdowns, etc.) stars on the internet today.  And as luck would have it...both were in Las Vegas at the same time Drew and ScissorVixens.com were there for other shoots.  So we decided we could not pass up the opportunity to get both of these insanely gorgeous ScissorVixens to team up and DESTROY both Drew and another victim (Dante) in a 'stop us if you can' Scissor Slaughter Series video.  Needless to say...it was BRUTAL for both Dante and Drew!

It's an impossible assignment and these two girls knew exactly what they were doing.  When one was wrapping her skull-crushing thighs around Drew or Dante's head or body the other girl was grabbing his hands to keep him from blocking the scissors.  Then the other girl would either sit on the sidelines and cheer the other one on or after the first girl was securely locked on with her legs she'd clamp her thighs around which every body part was available to constrict!  Then it was TOTAL TORTURE for either Drew or Dante before a quick tap-out! I'm sure this all sounds like fun to most of you guys reading this but trust us...it's pure SCISSOR HELL!

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Skylar Rene and Jolene 'The Valkyrie' together in our first ScissorVixens.com 'Scissor Slaughter Series' video!


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