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SVDL-638 "Welcome Back Kandor!" Preview and Download Page

Welcome Back Kandor!


Shauna Ryanne




High Definition


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Video Description

After hearing about Kandor's recent appearance on a rival scissor-site I decided it's time to invite Kandor back to ScissorVixens.com and had the perfect girl in mind...SEXY Shauna Ryanne!  I warned Kandor beforehand not to be fooled by her innocent 'girl next door' looks and her bubbly and highly approachable personality because this girl has a VICIOUS SQUEEEEZE! 

And although Kandor was wise to heed my warning by tapping out as often and frantically as I've ever seen him do before in a video...Shauna Ryanne KNOCKED HIM OUT TWICE and by Kandor's estimation...on the brink of passing out several other times!  He said afterwards..."I think that was the most I've ever been knocked out in one video before!".

You see...with ScissorVixens like Shauna Ryanne...instead of playing a silly game where the girl pretends to know the exact amount of scissor pressure she's applying by calling out the percentages along the way...Shauna Ryanne only knows two scissor-speeds...zero to scissor-infinity!  And once she kicks it into high scissor-gear...it's time to tap out or pass out!

And what makes this all the more intriguing is who Kandor faced at the rival scissor site.  A cute little 'thing' that refers to herself as 'The Queen of Knockouts'.  However 'The Queen of Knockouts' failed to knockout Kandor during his shoot with her just prior to his return visit to ScissorVixens.com. 

Perhaps Shauna Ryanne has earned a new name herself...!?

Shauna Ryanne "The Queen of REAL Knockouts!".

Be sure to read Kandor's impression about Shauna Ryanne added to her profile page!


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Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

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  34 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  751 MB


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