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Ms. Squeeze

featuring Debra D'Andrea




Note: The above pictures are screen captures taken from the actual video!


Every mob boss should have an enforcer like Ms. Squeeze played by super muscular Debra D'Andrea!  And when Ms. Squeeze wants some information...you better give it to her or else!  Well, when Jake is summoned by my boss Mr. Conti to come up to his room...Mr. Conti arranges for Ms. Squeeze to be there to greet him.  After introducing herself and giving Jake a taste of what she's made of by stripping down to a skimpy lingerie outfit....Ms. Squeeze asks Jake for some simple information.  Well, Jake has no idea who he's dealing with and decides to keep the information to himself.  Ms. Squeeze decides to show him how she got her nick name, 'Ms. Squeeeeeeze' and crushes the information out of him...forcing him to write it down on a piece of paper before putting the final squeeze on poor Jake once and for all!

After Ms. Squeeze disposes of Jake...Mr. Conti finally arrives back to his room where he asks Ms. Squeeze whether or not she was able to get the information he was looking for.  Of course, there is never really any doubt that she would be able to once she got her murderous thighs wrapped around her victim.  There's only one problem for Mr. Conti though....it appears that Ms. Squeeze has decided to finally sever her ties with Mr. Conti and keep the information, that she worked so hard to get (by crushing poor Jake between her thighs), to herself.  Mr. Conti gets a bit upset and demands that she hand over the piece of paper with the information on it.  Well, when you play with your pet python, sometimes the pet python decides to put the squeeze on you and that is exactly what Ms. Squeeze does to her boss, or shall we say...former boss!  She administers one brutal, rib cracking, skull crushing scissors after another in order to squeeze Mr. Conti out of the picture for good!


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Compression Format:   Window Media Video 9

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  47 minutes 

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