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This smartass doesn't think I know how to add 2+2. Ok, let me make it easier for him...what's 1+1 add up to? SCISSORS!


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Video Description

Many of you may recognize this SEXY 5'10" Amazon named Cherry from several years ago when she debuted on ScissorVixens in a video titled 'Deadline Pressure!'.

We actually shot two videos that day but unfortunately...the 2nd video got lost in one of our hard drives until now!

So, here is Cherry's second video titled '1+1=SCISSORS!' where it's Drew's turn to get absolutely CRUSHED between the long, lean THIGHS of this blonde Amazon!

And after being a total smartass by implying Cherry can't balance a checkbook because she can't even add 2+2, he more than deserves the beating she dishes out on him!

Watch as she opens her thighs wide while telling him..."One plus one equals....SCISSORS!", then pulls him in to the first of many AGONIZING scissor holds!

If you like THUNDERING THIGH BOMBS and VICIOUS SCISSOR SNAPS, Cherry holds nothing back while nearly severing Drew's head from his little body!

She then follows them up with all-out 100% PRESSURE that had poor little Drew seeing stars in seconds!


Drew can barely take a breath in when all the oxygen is being CRUSHED out of him by Cherry's SUFFOCATING ANACONDAS!

And her figure-4's are an absolute LEG PRISON, totally wrapping Drew up while she mockingly tells him..."You're not going anywhere!".

Of course if you're a leg scissor fan than you know all about the DEADLY nature of reverse head scissors and so does Cherry as she demonstrates on Drew a few times!

In the end, she asks Drew what he's learned today and gives him one more reminder that 1+1=SCISSORS!



SVDL-1411 '1+1=SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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