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SkullCandy Bri

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I go by SkullCandy Bri but poor Drew is finding out a more appropriate twist to my name, SKULLCRUSHER Bri!


The screen captures above are from the full gallery which you can download with the video in one zip file.

There are 61 screen captures in the full photo gallery.


Video Description

We first me this SEXY Texas ScissorVixen during a shoot with her other good friend from Texas, Natalia Vouise.

Little did we know at that time that SkullCandy Bri was every bit into DOMINATING men with her powerful thighs as Natalia!

And we certainly got a taste of what her thighs were capable of during that shoot and after making us tap-out in seconds...we invited her back to Vegas to FINISH the job!

Bri loves to get physical and says one of her passions is kick-boxing and add to that her ability to finish you off on the ground between her thighs...well, that's a DANGEROUS combination!

Think you can handle a vicious kick to the head, or perhaps a mean uppercut?

And if those two things don't take you out...you can be rest assured...SkullCandy Bri's SKULLCRUSHERS will as Drew finds out in this video!

SkullCandy Bri starts out by answering a few very brief questions then it's time for Drew to get CRUSHED!

Bri describes herself as a 'switch' in her fetish-life but make no mistake, her DOMINANT switch is fully engaged in this video!

At 5'7" tall, SkullCandy Bri's thighs have plenty of scissor-room for Drew's tiny skull and neck as well as his ribcage!

No matter what scissor hold she has Drew wrapped up in, it's instant PAIN!

He tries his best to hold out as long as he can but once SkullCandy brings the SKULLCRUSHER PRESSURE, it's tap-out time!

Just listen to Bri giggle and laugh throughout the video while humiliating Drew as she pours it on and there's nothing he can do about it!

SkullCandy Bri takes a lot of pride in her DESTRUCTIVE THIGHS and loves referring them to SKULLCRUSHERS which she does several times in the video!

In the end, Bri really POURS IT ON one last time in a standing head scissors while leaning on the bed as Drew is finally broken and submits one last time saying..."I can't take it anymore!".

Think you can take it?

Check out SkullCandy Bri's ScissorVixens profile page to contact her if you do!

Don't miss SkullCandy Bri in her debut ScissorVixens video titled 'SkullCandy Bri's SKULLCRUSHERS!'.


*The preview clip below was shot with our Full HD camera however the same exact angles were captured by our 3D-VR camera at the same time.*

SVDL-1408 'SkullCandy Bri's SKULLCRUSHERS!' Preview Clip


Full HD Video Statistics

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  11 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen
Default Video Size:   1920x1080

Total File Size:

  860 MB

3D-VR UHD Video Statistics

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  11 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen
Default Video Size:   5760x2880

Total File Size:

  1.5 GB

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