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"Tylee Texas's SCISSOR Fix!" Preview and Download Page

Tylee Texas's SCISSOR Fix!


Tylee Texas



Full High Definition


Ever since I saw this new internet fad where girls crush guys between their thighs...I knew I had to get my scissor fix too!


The screen captures above are from the full gallery which you can download with the video in one zip file.

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Video Description

In the words of this little red-headed cutie, Tylee Texas describes herself as "I am only 4'11" but have a really strong core and powerful legs!".

Sounds like two qualifications we and our fans LOVE in a newbie ScissorVixen making her debut!

Tylee Texas first appeared on SessionGirls around the time the pandemic emerged and disappeared from SessionGirls not long after.

But now she's back on SessionGirls offering her services and what better way to feature a part of what she has to offer than watching her in CRUSHING scissor action!?

In this video, Tylee discovers a new fad that's been going around the internet where girls wrap their thighs around their male friend's neck and SQUEEEEZE until they can't take it anymore!

She walks into the bedroom with her boyfriend sitting on the bed and tells him she wants to give it a try!

He seems somewhat hesitant but decides it could be fun especially when she's wearing a next-to-nothing slingshot bikini!

But the fun for him ends almost immediately once she pulls him into a front head scissors but for Tylee Texas...it's just beginning!

This was a custom video in which you will see plenty of HOM (hand over mouth) action as well as covering his face with her huge breasts while applying a grapevine and bodyscissor!

Tylee Texas is one flexible ScissorVixen and the way she bends and arches her lithe body while applying a reverse figure-4 and standing head scissors adds even more pressure to his neck as if she's trying to pop it right off of his shoulders!

On and on it goes until Tylee Texas decides she's had her fun but warns him..."This was so much fun sweetie...I can't wait for tomorrow!".

So check out one of our new 'Small but MIGHTY' ScissorVixens, proving POWERFUL things do come in small packages in 'Tylee Texas's SCISSOR Fix!'.



SVDL-1390 'Tylee Texas's SCISSOR Fix!' Preview Clip


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  19 minutes 

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Total file size =  1.4 GB


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