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"Bri's Questions and Scissors!" Preview and Download Page

Brutal Bri's Questions and Scissors!


Brutal Bri



Full High Definition


We ask Brutal Bri a few questions and then she proceeds to squat us like rag dolls followed by CRUSHING us into submission!


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Video Description

Every once in a while we receive e-mails from models wanting to be featured on our site but in the recent months, we seem to be getting more and more models contacting us wanting to become the next ScissorVixen.

So when we received an e-mail from Brutal Bri asking us how she and her girlfriend can be featured on our site...she also attached a few photos which included Brutal Bri scissoring her girlfriend!

One look at Brutal Bri's MASSIVE QUADS CRUSHING her girlfriend told us she has more than what it takes to join our ever expanding ScissorVixens lineup of over 600 (over 3 times more than any other scissor site) models!

Needless to say...we couldn't wait for her to show us what she's got and good lord...that she did and more!

She told us about some of her impressive lifts in the gym and one look at her thighs...we did not doubt it one bit!

And it's not just her powerful thighs that impress...she told us she can do incline dumbbell chest press with 85lbs. in each hand and the entire stack with standing tricep push-downs!

Brutal Bri is one POWERFUL ScissorVixen from head to toe!

One other thing Brutal Bri loves to do, even in the gym in front of a crowd, is grab someone and mount him/her on her shoulders and do full squats!  In fact...she sent us a short video of her doing just that with her 180 lb. girlfriend in the gym as if she was a warm-up smiling the entire time!

And in this video...you will see Brutal Bri do the same to me (at 165 lbs.) and the other victim (at 190 lbs.) as a warm-up before the scissors!

When she put me on her shoulders she just laughed at how light I was and said she could squat me all day! 

And that I do not doubt!

So, after a few questions and demonstration of her leg power via human squats...she let her hair down and it was finally time to see what her SKULL CRUSHERS could do!

Folks...we have shot some of the most POWERFUL women on the planet when it comes to scissors and no doubt...Brutal Bri is right up there with any of them!

In fact...we put her right up there with the LEGendary scissors of Sunfire who our victim knows all too well!

It was obvious Brutal Bri was not a complete novice and had a firm GRIP on how to make us scream and tap-out!

Just watch her facial expressions as she CRUSHES us over and over again!  She can't help but stick her tongue out and smile while absolutely DESTROYING us!

Halfway through the video she told us..."Man...this is a lot of fun!".

In the end...we had much more than our necks could handle but Brutal Bri acted like she was still warming up!

Brutal Bri also told us she may offer sessions in the near future so stay tuned for that!

But in the meantime...enjoy yet another epic debut of our another new ScissorVixen star...Brutal Bri!



SVDL-1381 'Brutal Bri's Questions and Scissors!' Preview Clip


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