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 SVDL-1337 "Snazzy's SAVAGE Scissors!" Preview and Download Page

Snazzy's SAVAGE Scissors!



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Full High Definition


After knocking out one of my session customers in my sexy but brutal reverse headscissor, it's time to get SAVAGE with Drew!


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Video Description

Snazzy's back and after having a few sessions under her thighs since the first time we shot with her, including a reverse headscissor KNOCKOUT during one of her sessions...she's more than ready to show Drew her SAVAGE SCISSORS!

We returned to the same location we first shot with her a few months ago to see if she has what it takes to make Drew her little scissor bitch and that she does!

Her technique has improved 100% including FRIGHTENING figure-4's that can POP YOUR HEAD OFF! 

She had Drew locked up in her muscular leg-noose so tight he was seeing stars in seconds and trying to survive as long as he could! 

But once Snazzy flexed her inner thighs like a BOA-CONSTRICTOR slowly tightening her grip around her prey, it was all over...TAP! TAP! TAP!.

Snazzy told us she's been working out hard in the gym to regain her leg-power since gyms were closed for several months and Drew definitely felt her THIGH POWER in a most SAVAGE way!

Snazzy also shows Drew that her muscular booty is back and demonstrates that by applying an eye-popping reverse head scissor just like the one she put her session customer to sleep with!

But the final SAVAGE SCISSOR is one Snazzy has really mastered to DEVASTATING perfection!

The classic head scissor from behind but with Snazzy lifting up off of the floor and arching so high that this time...Drew was worried about his head literally popping off before tapping out for the final time!

Snazzy even tells him afterwards that's exactly what she could do...POP HIS HEAD OFF!

So check out Snazzy more powerful and deadly than ever in 'Snazzy's SAVAGE Scissors!'.



SVDL-1337 'Snazzy's SAVAGE Scissors!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : October-7-2020



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