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 SVDL-1322 "Fucked Up By Chichi!" Preview and Download Page

Fucked Up By Chichi!



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 The POWER in Chichi's thighs is downright SCARY as she keeps getting STRONGER every time we work with her!


The screen captures above are from the full gallery which you can download in one zip file.

There are 133 screen captures in the full photo gallery.


Video Description

It's hard to believe it's been over 1.5 years since we last had one of your all-time favorites, Chichi, in front of the ScissorVixens cameras.

Back then we introduced a complete newbie to what it's like between the POWERFUL THIGHS of this 5'2"-inch tall Latina in a video that became an instant classic titled 'Chichi's SAVAGE OILED SCISSORS!'.

And good lord was is ever SAVAGE as we never saw or heard from the poor guy again after that complete massacre!

Fast forward over 1.5 years later and I receive a surprise text from Chichi letting me know she was in Vegas visiting a friend and wanted to see if we'd  be interested in shooting her again.

Uhhhh? Hmmm? HELL YEAH!

The previous time we shot with her, I wisely opted to stay behind the camera to watch Chichi totally DESTROY her two victims in two different videos.

And it seems as though Chichi was a little disappointed that she didn't get the opportunity to CRUSH my neck between her thighs thinking that I managed to wimp-out.

So this time...Chichi wanted to make sure it was my neck that her thighs were going to be FUCKING UP!

And FUCK ME UP they did!

No one looks quite as good as Chichi in a slingshot bikini with her gorgeous fit body, tight ass, perfect athletic curves and killer breasts!

It's easy to get mesmerized by it all and you find yourself almost throwing your neck between her thighs in anticipation.

Until of course...the SQUEEEEZING begins!

In this video, you will see Chichi as vicious and as dominant as you've ever seen her before!

Clearly Chichi spent the last year and a half or so thinking about how she was going to totally DESTROY me the next time she had the opportunity which is now!

Starting out...I thought I'd be ok but then after about 45 seconds of constant pressure that wasn't letting up, suddenly I felt Chichi's steel-rod adductors kick in like a vise-grip and then the PANIC started to set in!

I suddenly had that "Oh God...I don't want to be here right now!" thought running through my head and this was just the beginning!

And Chichi made sure I knew we had a looooong way to go before my scissor nightmare would end!

There were many moments I wanted to quit and say FUCK IT but I knew I had to hang in there because the guy behind the camera sure in the hell didn't want anything to do with Chichi's SKULL CRUSHERS!

I had to take many breaks throughout to make it to the end...barely!

So for you Chichi fans...this one, like all of her videos, won't disappoint as she returns STRONGER and more VICIOUS than ever in another instant classic who's title is no exaggeration in 'Fucked Up By Chichi!'.


*The preview clip below was shot with our Full HD camera however the same exact angles were captured by our 3D-VR camera at the same time.*

SVDL-1322 'Fucked Up By Chichi!' Preview Clip


Full Download Video Statistics - HD Video

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  21 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen
Default Video Size:   1920x1080

Total File Size:

  1.5 GB

3D-VR Video Statistics

Compression Format:   MP4

Video Length:

  20 minutes 

Encoded Bitrate:

Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen
Default Video Size:   5760x2880

Total File Size:

  2.8 GB

The photo gallery/screen captures are in a zip file.  Click the link below for video instructions on how to open a zip file.

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Date Added : March-15-2020



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