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Scissoring Farmer's Daughter

featuring Kristy Lee



Note: The above pictures are screen captures taken from the actual video!


Remember Elly Mae Clampett, that hot blonde bombshell from The Beverly Hillbillies?" Remember how, if you were a scissor fan, you always fantasized about her wrapping her gorgeous, country-girl thighs around someone and squeezing, which she in fact did to Jethro once, getting him in a bodyscissors she called "The Giazzard Grinder?" Well we got the next best thing with Kristie Lee, another hot blonde bombshell with two first names, two GREAT legs and one helluva scissor hold! In "Scissoring Farmer's Daughter," she puts up a traveling salesman in her daddy's hayloft then comes a-calling a little later to see if he's OK - and show him why she's the champion scissor vixen 'round these parts! In tiny jean cutoffs, midriff blouse, short socks and workboots, she tears him apart in her thick thighs and rocky calves, crushing his skull, choking his throat, bending his ribs and making him howl like a stuck pig! Kristie Lee is Elly Mae Clampett with scissoring attitude!!


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