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 SVDL-1284 "Milah Romanov's DOMINATING SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page



Milah Romanov



Full High Definition




I'm known for my suffocating ass but now it's time to show off what my powerful and DOMINANT THIGHS can do!


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Video Description

If you're a fan of facesitting then chances are you have heard of and seen Milah Romanov in full-face smothering action.

She's known for her tiny waist and HUGE FACE-SWALLOWING ASS but no less impressive are her MASSIVE 30-inch thighs that can bring a grown man to tears from their CRUSHING POWER!

In fact, we had to stop several times throughout this video as our victim was squeezed into submission over and over and over again at one point breaking down into tears! 

We had to take a 30-minute break to make sure he was ok and to make sure he could go on.

To his credit, and a lot more pain, he was able to suck it up and cross the finish line in one piece...barely!

Even though Milah has done scissors for a few other sites before she was excited to demonstrate their SKULL-CRUSHING POWER for ScissorVixens knowing our fans are the best scissor fans in the biz!

And even though our victim in this video has faced Milah's thighs previously, he had to admit that this time around...her SQUEEZE was much more powerful than before!

When you hear his screams and watch his numerous frantic tap-outs...you'll know why!

At the end of the shoot I decided to test out Milah's squeeze off camera and was shocked just how powerful her thighs were! 

She had me tapping in seconds to her favorite...the reverse head scissors then turned it to a side reverse head scissors to make me tapout one more time just to prove her point...don't mess with Milah Romanov's DOMINATING SCISSORS!



SVDL-1284 'Milah Romanov's DOMINATING SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : August-15-2019



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