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 SVDL-1257 "Naomi Swann the Teenage Assassin - The Recruit!" Preview and Download Page

Naomi Swann the Teenage Assassin

The Recruit


Naomi Swann and Nika Venom

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Poor little guy...thinking my new recruit, Nika Venom, actually liked him.  Time to show Nika how it's done!


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Video Description

Imagine meeting an incredibly hot blonde who actually seems to be into you even though you know she's way out of your league. 

Well in the case of poor little Elis...what seems to be too good to be true is and in fact it's even worse!

Former competitive cheerleader, Nika Venom, makes her ScissorVixen debut as one of Naomi Swann's (aka The Teenage Assassin) latest assassin recruits.

Nika Venom tells Elis she has a surprise for him and to close his eyes and to keep them shut until she says to open them.

Then Nika slips into her assassin training attire and tells Elis..."Ok babe, you can open your eyes now!".

But what he first lays his eyes on is a stunning brown-haired girl wearing a sexy black latex leotard which sends him into an immediate panic asking..."What the fuck is going on!".

"Hi, I'm Naomi...the teenage assassin!".

Poor Elis has been played by Nika to use him as her first training victim and now Naomi Swann is going to show her the 'ropes' one lethal scissor hold at a time!

Before he even has a chance to escape, Naomi slips behind him and wraps her deadly thighs around his body while keeping him silent with her strong hands by completely covering his mouth!

Then she tells him, "I'm going to teach her how to kill people with their legs!".

Watch as the amazingly sexy Naomi Swann takes her time demonstrating her leggy torture techniques then encouraging Nika to do the same!

Naomi is pleased to see how quickly Nika is learning her scissor moves telling her "You learn so quickly!" while Nika nearly pops his head off between her thighs!

"Alright, now it's time to get into the real stuff!", Naomi tells her right before using her world-class ass and legs to clamp on eye-popping reverse head scissors combined with glute-flexes that nearly end it for him for good!

But Naomi is careful not to since she knows there's more training for her new recruit, Nika Venom!

Then it's Nika's turn once again and once again...she demonstrates that she is a quick learner as she completely suffocates Elis in a reverse figure-4 allowing him only a second to breath in as she tells him..."Let's hear that gasp again!".

After Nika follows that up with a neck-breaking across-the-throat scissors things go from bad to worse for little Elis as Naomi says..."I think I'm going to join you now!" and snakes her lean, powerful thighs around his body!

"Ok...on 3!", Naomi tells Nika as they count down to one and then apply a nearly lethal double-team squeeze on his neck and body simultaneously! 

If there was any doubt in his mind as to their intentions this is the time he realizes his ultimate fate!

Naomi drags him to the floor and  is ready to show Nika how to finish him off!

"You do remember the grapevine from your training...right?", she asks Nika to which Nika tells her she does.

Then it's time to finish the job as Nika immobilizes his legs by nearly tearing them off in her brutal grapevine all the while Naomi latches on her breath-robbing reverse head scissors!

"Alright...squeeze as hard as you can!", she tells Nika as they deliver the final dose of crushing pressure that ends his life and concludes Nika's first assassin training lesson by Naomi Swann the Teenage Assassin!



SVDL-1257 'Naomi Swann the Teenage Assassin - The Recruit' Preview Clip


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Date Added : January-14-2019



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