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 SVDL-1239 "Ivory's SCISSOR Lesson for Slaves!" Preview and Download Page

Ivory's SCISSOR Lesson for Slaves!


Ivory Soles




Full High Definition


This little foot slave's been stalking me for a long time but no feet for him...it's lesson time between my POWERFUL THIGHS!


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Video Description

Standing at a leggy 5'7" tall, GORGEOUS Ivory Soles is as 'girl-next-door' cute as they come as this college hottie makes her debut on ScissorVixens.com!

Ivory is most certainly known to anyone with a foot fetish as she has developed a huge social media following with thousands of fans by showing off her perfect toes and feet for the camera.

But there's no doubt, after this video, she will have thousands scissor fans following her as well!

Ivory has a background as a gymnast, cheerleader and dancer and all of that adds up to one BRUTAL SQUEEEEEZE!

I first got a taste of Ivory's SQUEEEEZE during Fetcon where she introduced herself then proceeded to slap a vicious reverse head scissors on me making me tap out a few seconds later! 

After that introduction there was no doubt Ivory Soles would soon make her debut on ScissorVixens.com!

With thousands of adoring foot fans there's always a few who don't understand the rules!

As is the case with this guy who keeps stalking her on social media and eventually goes too far, somehow finding out where she lives and showing up her house!

Ivory spends a lot of time making videos for her fans and now she sees the opportunity to make one for obsessive stalker fans who get out of line.

He's going to learn a PAINFUL LESSON that showing up at Ivory's house uninvited isn't such a good idea!

"I'm going to DESTROY YOU with my legs!", she tells him while nearly cracking his jaw in a brutal figure-4 around his neck!

And when it comes to pulsating reverse head scissors...WOW...Ivory does it to perfection!

"I'm going to SQUEEEEZE the life out of you with my thighs!", she tells him while looking back over her shoulder pulsating her ass muscles in his face in a murderous standing reverse head scissors!

Then watch as she stretches his little body out in a knee-snapping grapevine combined with a neck-wrench right before wrapping him up in a anaconda body scissors!

But to finally put the exclamation on the lesson it's back in Ivory's insanely SEXY but torturous pulsating reverse head scissors as she looks into the camera and warns all other would-be stalker fans that the same thing will happen to them if they don't leave her alone!

Then it's LIGHTS OUT for this little stalker!

So check out the awesome debut of BREATHTAKING (literally!) Ivory Soles in 'Ivory's SCISSOR Lesson for Slaves!'.



SVDL-1239 'Ivory's SCISSOR Lesson for Slaves!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-22-2018



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