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 SVDL-1235 "Riot 'The Squeeze Queen's' Savage Scissors!" Preview and Download Page

Riot 'The Squeeze Queen's' Savage Scissors!


Riot 'The Squeeze Queen' Starter




Full High Definition


How would we describe what it's like between Riot's Savage Scissors?  BRUTAL...ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL!


The pictures above are from the full photo gallery which you can download in one zip file.

There are 74 pictures in the full photo gallery.


Video Description

Well...there isn't much to say that the preview video clip already makes clear...this was one BRUTAL and torturous SAVAGE SCISSORS featuring the ridiculously HOT Riot 'The Squeeze Queen' Starter!

We've known about Riot for a few years now and have finally been given the opportunity to work with her during our latest visit to Florida.

But what we didn't realize is just how tall and incredibly leggy this red-headed beauty is!

Standing at 5'8" tall (and easily over 6' in heels)...one look at her 'legs for days' meant we were in for a world of hurt and a world of vicious scissors!

Her first question to us before the video even started was..."So, are you ready for me to squeeze your brains out!?".

As if we weren't already a little concerned for our physical well-being...that cocky and confident question had me fearing the painful moments to come even more!

It's hard to believe that such a pretty woman can be so powerful but trust us...Riot can fuck you up with her thighs and that she does in this video over and over again!

And one thing becomes very clear from the start...she absolutely gets off on it smiling, taunting and flicking her hair around while watching you struggle to survive.

But her favorite of all, and with good reason, is her reverse head scissors!

What man wouldn't want to be trapped in such a position with Riot but there's only one problem...she can end it any second she wants to by scooping your head up high and tight, locking her ankles and pouring on the PAIN!

And just when you think you might survive...oops...she has one more gear left and that's when you see her gorgeous glutes clinch together and you are left with two choices…tap-out or pass-out because you simply cannot breath!

We've worked with over 500 ScissorVixen models over the years but when it comes to the TOTAL PACKAGE in every way imaginable...Riot 'The Squeeze Queen' Starter is without a doubt one of the very best!



SVDL-1235 'Riot 'The Squeeze Queen's' Savage Scissors!' Preview Clip


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  22 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Total file size =  1.61 GB


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Date Added : September-1-2018



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