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 SVDL-1129 "Bagged by Her SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page

Bagged by Her SCISSORS!


Ivy Secret




Full High Definition


At 5'11" tall with legs-for-days and model looks, I'm used to guys trying to get a closer look and that's exactly what he's getting!


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Video Description

"Drew...I got the perfect girl for you!"

When I get a text message like that, it certainly piques my interest but when that text is sent with pictures of a GORGEOUS and athletic 5'11" red-headed Amazon with LEGS-FOR-DAYS ...well..."Ummm...can she shoot today!?".

The only problem is, we got that text message from another producer nearly 2,000 miles away BUT lucky for us...Ivy Secrets sent us a message a few months later saying..."Hey there...I'm gonna be in Vegas and would love to finally shoot!".

When we picked Ivy up to bring her to the shoot here in Vegas....she looked every bit the stunning Amazon as her pictures reflected and her short, shorts showed off her long, LETHAL legs!

I knew our poor victims were going to be in a world-of-hurt once Ivy Secret got her leg scissors around them!

And when you're a tall, beautiful red-headed babe like Ivy Secret...there's no doubt you're used to men staring, gawking, cat-calling and doing whatever they can to get a closer look.

BUT...when Ivy Secret is in her own home, that's where she expects such harassment to end unless of course you have a pervy neighbor with a high-powered telescope peeking into your bedroom!

"Motherfucker!", Ivy says after grabbing a pair of binoculars and BAGGING her neighbor across the street who is staring right back at her through his telescope!

"Fuck!  I've been bagged!", he yells as he sees Ivy looking right back at him through her binoculars with an angry look and knows he needs to get the hell out of there before she comes knocking on his front door!

But Ivy's long legs means she can take long steps and just as the pervert opens his door to make a quick exit, Ivy's there to make sure he doesn't leave before giving the beating of a lifetime!

He attempts to block her from entering his house while denying even owning a telescope but Ivy won't be lied to and pushes her way through the door saying..."Oh, you mean that telescope!?", as she points to it in sitting in front his living room window.

Watch as Ivy gives him an eye-full by stripping down to a sexy thong before completely devouring his head between her long, athletic thighs for the beginning of a long, torturous barrage of skull-cracking, neck-snapping and rib-crushing scissor holds!

"You know, the last guy I did this to couldn't take it and passed out!", she tells him as she straps her legs across his throat!

And at 5'11" tall...Ivy has no problem wrapping her PYTHONS around his body and slowly squeezing the breath out of him while watching him gasp for air!

On and on it goes until the end when Ivy Secrets decides to play a little 'cat and mouse' game threatening to knock him out, then letting him breath before doing it all over again!

But eventually Ivy gets bored with it and finally pulls him in DEEPER between her thighs and says..."Now it's time to REALLY go to sleep!"

Once the sleeping pervert is 'counting scissors', Ivy makes sure she won't have to worry about him perving on her anymore as she grabs his telescope and walks out the door!'.

So check out POWERFUL AMAZON, Ivy Secret, in her debut ScissorVixens video titled 'Bagged by Her SCISSORS!'.



SVDL-1229 'Bagged by Her SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-18-2018



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