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 SVDL-1218 "Harley Quinn CRUSH!" Preview and Download Page

Harley Quinn CRUSH!


Olivia Rose




Full High Definition


Men dream about what they'd like to do with me if they ever met me...well...he's finding out NIGHTMARES do come true!


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Video Description

Well-known fetish model, Olivia Rose, finally returns to ScissorVixens to portray a character that is not too different than Olivia's real-life persona!

We asked her to play the role since we knew she'd be a perfect fit for the playful, yet dangerous, Harley Quinn not knowing she's done this several times before our latest shoot with her.

"I've been playing Harley Quinn long before Suicide Squad ever appeared and LOVE getting into that character!", Olivia explains.

And boy did she ever get into Harley Quinn 'mode' by sinking her MURDEROUS THIGHS into the neck and body of a man fantasizing, and eventually, dreaming about what it would be like to meet the gorgeous Harley Quinn!

As he dozes off into Harley Quinn dreamland she suddenly appears straddling him on the couch and wakes him up by saying..."Wakey-wakey!".

He slowly opens his eyes thinking that this is the dream he's been waiting for, BUT is it just a dream or something else!?

Olivia Rose's thighs are SCARY POWERFUL as we found out the first time we shot her a few years ago.  And she made sure to warn us..."They are every bit as powerful, if not more, than last time I had them around your neck!".

And that is indeed a VERY SCARY thought!

In fact...our poor victim goes nighty-night for a brief moment as Harley Quinn's thighs prove too much at one point!

And for you reverse head scissors glute-pulsating fans...well...it doesn't get any better than this!

In the end, Harley Quinn tells him..."It's time to put you back to sleep!" and does so by pulling him up into one last BRUTAL reverse headscissor!

He eventually wakes up thinking it was indeed only a dream, or in this case, a nightmare! 

But then he notices a black smudge on his face, the same color as Harley Quinn's lipstick and begins to wonder...was I only dreaming...?, or maybe not!

You'll love GORGEOUS Olivia Rose bringing to life Harley Quinn's super playful, super sexy but super dangerous character in 'Harley Quinn CRUSH!'.



SVDL-1218 'Harley Quinn CRUSH!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : May-11-2018



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