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I Love Overpowering Men!


Lethal Lana




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Video Description

Many of us have done it.  You walk into a gym and notice a very fit hot looking girl working out in the corner and can't help but sneak a few glances towards her direction to see if she's as strong as she looks.

Well...in the case of Lethal Lana...she's even STRONGER than she looks!

It's not too often that you see a girl, even the fitness girls, loading the big 45 lb. plates on each side of the Olympic bar in preparation for pounding out some reps on the bench press.  But that's exactly what Lethal Lana  does routinely at the local gym we both belong to (for real!).

Of course when I first saw her at the gym I couldn't help but picture her in front of the ScissorVixen camera after watching the impressive amount of weight she tosses around.  Not only can she lift some serious weight on the bench press but her shoulders are incredibly developed and impressive as well.

But...let?s face it.  As ScissorVixen members and fans you wanna know..."What about her legs Drew!?  What about her legs!?".

Well...once you watch this video you'll realize Lethal Lana isn't just all chest, arms and shoulders...her quads and calves are every bit as developed and powerful! 

Basically...Lethal Lana is well developed and balanced from head to toe!

She told me that although she doesn't like strut around and act cocky in the gym with the amount of weight she can lift she definitely enjoys it when she looks over and notices she's lifting more than the guy next to her.  Or has to put more weight on the bar or machine after some dude is done with his last rep!

And that's exactly what happens in her debut ScissorVixen video!

Watch as this scrawny guy is finishing up with his bench presses counting out his last rep with 10 pound plates on each side.  That's when Lethal Lana walks over and asks if he's done.  Of course one look at her and he knows the right answer is YES!

Then she takes his ?baby weight? 10 pounders off of the bar and slaps on the BIG 45's!

This poor guy doesn't know what to think standing only a few feet away watching as she is barely warming up with nearly 5 times the weight we was struggling with!

"Oh...so you are one of those show-offs huh!?".

That's when Lethal Lana puts the bar back on the rack and confronts him about his 'little man' personality complex.

"What did you say...?  You got a problem because some hot chick can lift more than you!?"  Well...I can do more than that!".

And boy does she ever!

Not only can Lethal Lana overpower him on the bar she overpowers him with her thighs!

Watch as the thin man gets tossed around like a rag doll and nearly broken in two between her powerful scissors!

At one point he nearly goes completely unconscious in an eye-popping front head scissors and begins to panic and gasp for air in her reverse head scissors!

On and on it goes as Lethal Lana is enjoying the fact that not only does she get to overpower another man in the gym she's getting a great leg workout as well!

So the next time you see that hot fit chick in the gym you better treat her with respect or you just might find yourself being humiliated and CRUSHED into submission if she's anything like Lethal Lana!

Check out Lethal Lana in ?I Love Overpowering Men!?.



SVDL-1047 'The 'I Love Overpowering Men!' Preview Clip


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