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Gia Primo




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**This video features TWO REAL SCISSOR KNOCKOUTS!**

It's been a while since I've wrapped my powerful thighs around Drew's neck...I think he forgot just how SAVAGE they are!


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Video Description

For fans of our SAVAGE SCISSORS series you're going to love this one featuring the legendary scissors of Gia Primo!  In fact this is our second savage scissors video with Gia the first one being shot many years ago in Vegas.

But now that Gia Primo lives in Florida looking better than ever we had no choice but to do a second savage scissors with her.  And trust us...this one is even more SAVAGE than the first!

There's a certain glow and look of excitement in Gia's face whenever she's about to wrap her 'pythons' around a few victims and squeeeeeeze the living daylights out of them.  And you can see that look on her face throughout this video!

When I told Gia that the first victim saw her pictures and didn't think she'd be able to make him tap-out (not exactly true but it got Gia in the 'killing' mood!) she responded..."You guys talk a lot of shit when I'm not here now I'm going to make you pay for it!".

And that she does!

Within the first two minutes of action Gia clamps her PYTHONS around the first victim's neck and sends him off to ScissorVixens la-la-land (KNOCKOUT) in a CRUSHING straight-legged scissors from behind his head.  The muscles in her legs just explode with power and we knew it was only a matter of seconds before he had to tap-out which in this case was too little too late.

After trying to shake off that initial "Welcome to Gia's SCISSOR HELL!" introduction he sucks it up and is ready (well...maybe not!) for more punishment.  The slight tear in his eyes and frightened look on his face said it all though..."God help me!".

But then it was Drew's turn and this was the part Gia seemed to be looking forward to the most!  It's been a long time since Gia had Drew caught between her thighs and now she couldn't wait to show him how much stronger she was than years ago since their last shoot.

She opens up on Drew with her potent reverse head scissors and it doesn't take long before he's seeing stars and taps-out knowing his fate if he doesn't! 

Luckily for Drew Gia has mercy and lets him breath once he taps but tells him...."You're lucky I let go when you tap Drew!".  The message is clear...'I can knock you out whenever I want!'.

Aside from Gia's panic-inducing reverse head scissors another one of her trademark scissor are her front head scissors.  She takes it to a whole new level with Drew! 

Watch as she opens her thighs wide, carefully places his neck as far and deep into her crotch as possible then sets the trap with a quick locking of her ankles.  Then Gia adds another level of terror as she pulls the back of his head in further with both hands to simultaneously SQUEEZE and overwhelm him!  Result is instant panic and tap-out!

Then there are the usual 'across the neck with head turned sideways' instant death scissors in which both Drew and the other victim knew to tap-out quickly before suffering serious damage.

But near the end Gia decides to go out with a bang by leaving a lasting scissor impression for her new victim.  She pulls him up into a insanely tight reverse head scissors and just as he tries to say something she tightens up her grip resulting in a high-pitched squeak from her victim sounding like a mouse being crushed by a python.

Listen as she tells him..."Tighter!...Tighter!!...Tighter!!!..." before the inevitable happens...he's scissored to sleep once again!

But before all is said and done Gia has one last order of business to take care of.  To force Drew to tell the whole world something he doesn't like to say since he knows it would get him into trouble with over 400 different ScissorVixens if he does.

While telling Drew..."Your neck is mine!" Gia rolls to her side pulling Drew into another frightening front head scissors, clamps down and asks him..."So...who is your number one ScissorVixen!".  It's quite surprising to see and hear how quickly Drew tells Gia what she wants to hear but knowing how quickly she can put him to sleep he doesn't hesitate..."Gia's is the number one ScissorVixen!".

So for fans of Gia Primo, REAL SCISSOR KNOCKOUTS and ScissorVixens SAVAGE SCISSORS series videos you don't want to miss Gia in 'Gia Primo's SAVAGE SCISSORS!'.



SVDL-1044 'Gia Primo's SAVAGE SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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