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SVDL-1042 "Here's a Tip For You!" Preview and Download Page

Here's a Tip For You!


Ivy Sin




High Definition

This fool tried to steal my tip money so I'm giving him a tip between my BIG STRONG THIGHS!


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Video Description

She's cute, she's confident, she's cocky and boy can she CRUSH things into oblivion between her powerful dancer-trained thighs!

She of course is Ivy Sin back bigger and stronger than ever to teach another fool not to mess with her or her money!

Watch what happens when the after-hours bar help notices a $20 bill on the table and decides to clean more than just the floor as he slips it into his pocket. 

But unfortunately for him Ivy watches the whole thing from around the corner and she's about to teach this scrawny boy a lesson he won't soon forget!

"Hey...I saw you take that money!  That's MY tip money asshole!". 

Watch as Ivy hikes up her black dress, sits on the chair and pulls him into a murderous scissor hold from behind.

"It's time to teach you a lesson between my STRONG THIGHS!".

Then listen to the helpless bar-help gasp for air as Ivy squeeeeezes every ounce of it out of him with relentless pressure around his neck and body!

After working him over on the chair Ivy takes off her dress and stands ready to do more damage wearing only her zebra-patterned thong, black high-heels and white sports-bra.

Now it's time to drag him to the floor where there's far more room to really destroy him one scissor hold after the other!

In the end Ivy gives him one last tip...a BRUTAL throat scissors! 

He begins to panic and frantically attempt to set himself free but between Ivy's pythons that's not going to happen anytime soon!

But what does happen very soon is he goes night-night!

So check out SEXY Ivy Sin in 'Here's a Tip For You!'.



SVDL-1042 'Here's a Tip For You!' Preview Clip


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