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SVDL-1023 "Time to Pay!" Preview and Download Page

Time to Pay!


Kira Noir




High Definition


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Video Description

Beautiful Kira Noir has a slightly exotic look thanks to her interesting mix of African American and Chinese although most would primarily identify her as an ebony goddess.

One look at Kira Noir's lean, muscular body should tell you that her scissors are absolutely brutal! 

In her debut ScissorVixen video she destroys Dante who is no stranger to getting scissored by some of the most powerful ScissorVixens on our site.  We can honestly say it's been a long time since we've watched him tap-out as many times as he did between Kira Noir's lethal legs!

When asked how she developed her fantastic physique she quickly flexed her biceps to show off her muscular arms and said..."A lot of pole dancing!".

Of course a big part of pole dancing is supporting her body weight by wrapping around it and squeezing it with her thighs.

Kira Noir is indeed an ebony beauty with eyes that will immediately captivate you but if you're not careful her powerful legs will too!

Just ask poor Dante as he finds out that not paying his share of the rent has VERY PAINFUL consequences!

Silly guy thought that because he was traveling the world for a few months he wasn't responsible for his portion of the rent while he was gone. 

So Kira wastes no time setting him straight on how rent really works as soon as he returns home bragging about all the fun he's had.

Dante gets on his hands and knees and mockingly 'begs' Kira to forgive him of his debt which only infuriates her all the more!  So she quickly snaps her legs out and pulls him into an eye-popping front head scissors!

Watch as Kira's thighs explode with muscle nearly breaking his jaw between their death grip and causing him to scream in immediate pain and tap-out...the first of MANY frantic tap-outs!

On and on it goes as Kira squeezes the living daylights out of poor Dante including several devastating reverse head scissors (thanks to her gorgeously muscular ass) ignoring his cries of pain and making him wish he'd never come back in the first place!

So check out Kira Noir's thighs making her roommate pay a much higher price than a few months rent in 'Time to Pay!'.



SVDL-1023 'Time to Pay!' Preview Clip


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