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'How Does My 330 Head Scissor Count Feel!?' Preview and Download Page

How Does My 330 Head Scissor Count Feel!?


Luscious Leah


(Initially released as SVDL-930)


Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


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He had one job to do but screwed it up. Now we get to sleep on sand paper and he gets to take a nap between my SCISSORS!


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Video Description

When we first met this GORGEOUS Las Vegas personal trainer at our party wearing a short, tight mini-skirt that showed off her muscular legs we knew we had to get her on ScissorVixens.com!

And we're sure you'll be glad we did!

It was during that party that we decided to have some ScissorVixens.com 'scissor auditions' and it was Luscious Leah that we really wanted to see give it a try.

After the first few girls put the squeeze on us Luscious Leah was ready to show what her fitness thighs were capable of!

She started out by clamping a standing head scissor to the first guy causing him to tap-out in about 7 seconds then it was my turn.

I sat down in the hot tub and had Luscious Leah sit behind me and wrap her muscular thighs around my neck. Once I showed her how to lock up her ankles, straighten her legs and squeeze it was tap-out time for me as well!

We quickly invited her to a video shoot and she was quick to accept!

In her debut ScissorVixen video Luscious Leah asks her boyfriend to buy new sheets for their bed and specifically tells him to purchase sheets with at least a 500 thread count.

So he does just that....almost.

After putting the finishing touches on arranging the new sheets on the bed thinking that he's done good he calls her into the bedroom to check it out. But it doesn't take Luscious Leah too long to realize that the shiny new sheets are far from the 500 thread count she insisted on telling him that the 330 thread count sheets he did purchase will feel like sleeping on sand paper!

And when he dismisses her complaint saying that it will feel fine sleeping on the new sheets she asks him how he thinks it's going to feel sleeping with her 330 HEAD SCISSOR Count!

Luscious Leah was completely new to scissors prior to our party and this video shoot but with well-trained legs (she is also an avid runner) like hers she had no problem applying some truly eye-popping scissors!

Some serious tap-out action in a few of her neck scissors especially a few across his throat!

So for you gorgeous fitness model muscle lovers you've gotta check out Luscious Leah in her ScissorVixen debut video titled 'How Does My 330 HEAD SCISSOR Count Feel!?".


'How Does My 330 Head Scissor Count Feel!?' Preview Clip


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