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"Where's My Money!?"  Preview and Download Page

Where's My Money!?


Cameron Crush

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(Initially released as SVDL-846)



Full High Definition

As a Vegas go-go dancer I have to deal with a lot of assholes which is why I'm DESTROYING this one for stealing my money!


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Video Description

When Cameron Crush witnessed one of our live shoots she thought it looked like a lot of fun and then she showed us her LEGS and the rest is history!

Cameron Crush was introduced to us by one of our male victims when he was kind enough to bring her along to a shoot and watch him get squeezed senseless by another ScissorVixen. 

She was wearing loose pants but I could tell she had the kind of overall physique that may be hiding an impressive pair of legs. 

So after the shoot I asked her what she thought and she said it looked like a lot of fun and also commented on how incredible the girl's legs looked while squeezing!

Then she showed us a few pictures on her cell phone that were recently taken during her job as a go-go dancer. 

When I looked at those pics I immediately knew we had to get this SEXY Vegas go-go dancer on ScissorVixens ASAP and luckily for us and our fans...we did!

She was nervous at first but once Cameron Crush wrapped her dangerous dancer thighs around her victim's neck she loosened up pretty quick while his poor neck tightened up from her powerful leg scissors!

In her debut video Cameron Crush follows a money-stealing thief back to his Vegas hotel room. 

He's on the phone bragging to a friend how he just ripped off some stupid go-go dancer and now they're going to have a good time spending it! 

That's when Cameron Crush barges into his room and demands her money back! 

He's not about to confess to stealing it so she finds it in an obvious place...the top drawer of a night stand next to the bed!

Once she has her money he tells her to leave since she got what she came for but that would be too easy and there's plenty of SCISSOR PUNISHMENT for Cameron Crush to deliver!

Cameron Crush is a scissoring natural as she has absolutely no problem not only SQUEEEEZING her first ScissorVixen victim senseless but also being very physical and verbally aggressive as if she's been DOMINATING men for years! 

And for those who like to see those BRUTAL across-the-throat scissors there are two long, torturous sequences where Cameron Crush nearly decapitates his head using those sexy but muscular dancer thighs of hers!

And her REVERSE head scissors are just as BRUTAL punishing him over and over again!

So check out ScissorVixen Cameron Crush in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Where's My Money!?'.


SVRC-0117 'Where's My Money!?' Preview Clip


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Compression Format:   MP4

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  31 minutes 

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Aspect Ratio   16:9 Widescreen

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Video file size =  2.3 GB


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