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Although most of our videos will fit into one category or more a small percentage may not fit into any of the categories listed. 

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We have been producing scissor videos for over a decade and even though the theme of our videos involves scissors the variety of models we feature (hundreds of different models) allows us to create several different categories based on ethnicity, body type, age, hair color and more.
We have also categorized our videos based on a few popular common themes such as our 'Savage  Scissors' series, Tag Team Gang Scissors, REAL Scissor Knockouts and FREE Members Videos for active members of our members area.
We will constantly be updating and adding new videos to our existing categories as well as possibly adding new categories as we produce a wider variety of scissor videos.  So keep checking back to see what new videos we have added to your favorite category or categories.
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All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.