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How To Download Video Clips

*As of 2/28/2013 all new video content will be encoded with the platform-friendly MP4 format!*


Now watch video content on your Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices!



Over the past few years fast-paced advancements in mobile device technology has put the processing power of a computer in the palm of our hands in the form of tablets and cell phones. These devices include the iPad, iPhone, Android cell phones, Android tablets and future mobile devices yet to be introduced.

This has now given us the freedom to view and enjoy multi-media content beyond the confines of our home computers.  Now you will be able to view our latest high definition video clips and full video downloads in privacy using your iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices without the need to view them on your computer.  This not only gives you more flexibility as to what devices you can view our content but also when and where you want to view it.  Of course you can still download our video content and view it on your computer if you wish.

Also keep in mind that while most of the latest mobile devices have the technology and computing power to view our high definition video content many of the earlier mobile devices may not.  We have tested our high definition MP4 video content on the 1st generation iPad, 4th generation iPhone and a few Android tablets with success.  But we can not guarantee success on mobile devices we have not been able to test our new MP4 content on. 

You should not experience problems when viewing our MP4 content on your Windows PC (Windows 7 or later) or Mac computer.  If you do then we recommend that you update your Windows PC and Mac computer with any available updates including the latest versions of Windows Media Player and Apple QuickTime. 

Also note that Windows Media Player for Windows Vista, XP and earlier Windows versions may not be compatible with the MP4 format.  If you have an earlier version of Windows (prior to Windows 7) then you can download and install the FREE QuickTime player by clicking the button below.  After you install QuickTime you should have no problem viewing the MP4 video file from within the QuickTime player.

Download QuickTime Player

We also STRONGLY recommend that you always download our content directly to your computers whenever possible rather than trying to stream the content in your browsers.  This is usually accomplished by RIGHT CLICKING your mouse over the video clip thumbnail or button link and then choosing the option of 'save target as', 'save link as' or some other similar option.  You may still be able to stream the content by LEFT CLICKING your mouse however you may experience difficulty in doing so with the new MP4 format.

If you experience ANY PROBLEMS with our new MP4 video format please contact us immediately so that we can work to resolve any playback issues you are having.  Contact us at:

Thanks to the 'platform friendly' MP4 video encoding format you will now have far more choices as to where and when you can enjoy our video content!


**For all video content posted prior to 2/28/2013**


The video clips are created using Windows Media Video? version 9.  You can download the latest version of Windows Media Player? to view these clips although most versions of Windows? should already be compatible.  There are also Microsoft? updates for Macintosh? computers to play Windows Media Video? files as well.

The best way to save the clips is to right click on any of the video clip thumbnails and then choose the 'save target as' option.  You will then see a Windows? 'Save As' dialog box prompting you to choose a file name and location to save the video clip.  You can just use the default file name already chosen.  However, a good place to save the video clip for easy and immediate viewing is your desktop unless you have already created a specific directory to save video content.


Click on the link to download the latest version of Windows Media Player? for Windows? and Macintosh?.

Windows Media Player Download Page


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