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Introducing Keri Spectrum!
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Physical Statistics
Height 5'8"
Weight 135 lbs.
Biceps 13.0"
Quads 22.5"
Calves 14.5"


About Keri Spectrum

We actually first heard of Keri Spectrum over 7 years ago when one of our most popular ScissorVixens, Sybil Starr, told us about this new female wrestler from NJ that had one of the most powerful scissor holds she had ever felt! In fact...during one of Sybil's matches against Keri she initially feared Keri had broken one of her ribs in a vicious body scissors but luckily for Sybil is was only her cartilage popping.  Of course when we heard about how powerful Keri's lethal scissors were we immediately expressed interest in shooting with her.

Well...several years had passed since then and many of our ScissorVixens have come and gone but Keri Spectrum has always remained in the game. And so we recently had the pleasure of working with a few of Keri's girls and meeting Keri at her home in NJ. Of course I could not help but ask again..."Are you sure you don't want to do a few scissor videos for ScissorVixens.com...?". And although her response was very polite regrettably it was the same..."Sorry...not at this time...".

But there's one thing I think Keri may have underestimated about herself. Just how competitive she really is!! So as she watched her girls scissor us senseless from one video shoot to the next her 'Oh yeah...you guys have no idea just how powerful my scissors are!' competitive spirit started to emerge.

Then one day I received a text message from Keri telling me she was NOW READY to showcase her scissors on ScissorVixens.com! I will never forget her immediate text response when I dared to question whether or not she would be aggressive enough for our fans. Her reply..."DON'T EVER DOUBT MY ABILITY TO BE RUTHLESS!  WHEN I'M GIVEN A JOB TO DO I DO IT WELL!".

And boy does she EVER! 

So check out Keri Spectrum debuting her mixed-scissor skills FIRST here on ScissorVixens.com!

Keri Spectrum



Keri Spectrum's Full Video Downloads


'Super Action Scissors!'




featuring Keri Spectrum

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Giving Him Her Last CRACKer!




Keri Spectrum

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