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Serena's First Scissors!


Serena Scissors




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Video Description

When Nikki Next recently shot for us she brought along two of her friends for the ride.  And after watching Nikki do some brutal scissoring on Drew one of them said..."That looks like a lot of fun to me since I have very strong legs!".

Well...of course we had no other choice but to let her gorgeous 19-year-old friend Serena prove just how powerful her legs were and STRONG they were indeed!

So we decided to do one of our 'First Scissors' series videos along with the help and guidance of her friend and very experienced ScissorVixen CRUSHER Nikki Next.

Serena did admit that she did some playful scissoring with boyfriends in the past but this was going to be her first time trying to make someone tapout and that she did!

At first like most first-timers Serena was a little 'shy' about going full-scissors ahead but with Nikki Next sitting next to her and giving her the green light Serena started to pour on the pressure.  And Drew soon found out that Serena wasn't lying about having strong legs!

Watch as Serena loosens up Drew's neck with some powerful scissors from behind then working her way around to a CRUSHING side neck scissors and finally an eye-popping front head scissors.  It's obvious by the giggles and smirk on Serena's face that she's having way too much fun turning Drew's face into a thousand different shades of red!

Then came the big surprise!  At only 5'1" tall Serena's legs are very big and solid from her years as a gymnast.  Once she locks in her figure-4 she leaves virtually no room to move or breath!  And on two occasions Serena's killer figure-4 made poor Drew say 'No Mas!' as he was forced to tap out!

Then she nearly finished Drew off on the floor as she secured a deadly 'across the throat' neck scissors.  At first Serena didn't have the technique down right until Nikki Next told her..."Ok...now straighten that top leg and squeeeeeeze!".  Then Drew really felt the power of Serena's thighs and eventually had to tap out before going nighty-night!

So for those who love to see a new ScissorVixen in the making (and we've made many!) check out GORGEOUS 19-year-old hottie Serena in 'Serena's First Scissors!'.


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