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JC Simpson




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Video Description

When you challenge a girl like JC Simpson or make her feel as though she's being 'dissed' (as in disrespected) bad things are about to happen!  So when JC learned about a recent video (on another site) where her name came up as having the 2nd best scissors behind the girl in that particular video...she wasn't too happy.  So she decided to showcase her 1st class scissors on the biggest scissor stage on the internet...ScissorVixens.com where she'd be gauging her scissor power against hundreds of previous ScissorVixens!

How did she do you ask...?  Well...so far...JC is the ONLY ScissorVixen to be batting 1000 when it comes to knockouts sending a victim to sleepy-land both times we've worked with her now!  As you may recall the first time we worked with this tall, leggy, blonde beauty she scored a vicious standing reverse headscissor knockout (JC SAVAGE Scissors!) where we had to slap the poor victim back to consciousness.  Not to mention the numerous times her victim was in and out of consciousness during the course of that same video.

But this time it's more personal and even though the 3 victims in this video had nothing to do with 'dissing' JC...they still had to pay the price for foolishly allowing her to use their necks and bodies to help her prove her point!  And just as before it's JC's powerful but gorgeous glutes and mile-long legs turning more lights out in her devastating reverse headscissors!

In fact...when we asked JC what her favorite scissor hold was she said without hesitation..."The reverse!".  And when asked why she replied..."Because I know I have a nice ass and it's easy to knock guys out in my reverse!".

And that she does after her reverse headscissors, and everything else, finally takes a toll on her 3rd victim in the end.  Even though he has shot for other sites he said it was the FIRST time he had been knocked out by a scissor hold...for REAL! 

After allowing him to get his head on straight a few minutes after getting it nearly popped off of his shoulders we did a short interview at the end of the video to ask him what it was like to get knocked out for the first time!  That's one interview you don't want to miss!

So check out JC Simpson proving once again that blondes do have more 'scissor fun'...especially when you're a KNOCKOUT in more ways then one!


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