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SVDL-808 "Skylar's HIGH PRESSURE Interview!" Preview and Download Page

Skylar's HIGH PRESSURE Interview!


Skylar Rene




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Video Description

As the head of my company's human resources department it's my job to make sure that our applicants not only have the right experience and skills but also the ability to handle the extreme pressures that comes with the job.  Now I realize most of you will be looking at me with a lustful eye given my provocative attire but that's all part of the pressure test.  It doesn't take too much effort to convince potential male employees to stick their heads between my thighs when showing them off in this insanely short mini-skirt and high heels.  It's like watching a moth fly into the flame.  They know it's dangerous and they're going to get burnt but with legs like mine who can blame them?

And so is the case with my latest interviewee...Mr. Grabowski.  He's all excited given his background and education and figures he's a shoe-in for the position.  But there's one position I have to make sure he can handle first and that's the position of his head between my powerful quads!

I like to start by looking at my potential employees right in the eye as I begin to turn up the pressure.  So that's where I start Mr. Grabowski pulling him into a front head scissors while sitting on my desk.  I gotta make sure he's not the type to fall asleep on the job you know!  Although Mr. Grabowski manages to keep his eyes open I can tell he's about to give up already, and our interview has only just begun!  So I decide to see if he can take it while lying on his back and move onto phase two of our test...standing reverse head scissors combined with butt-crunches!  Unfortunately for Mr. Grabowski this is where he starts to quickly break down! 

Now it's time for me to tell you a little secret about myself.  Sometimes I feel guilty to even call this a job because truth be told...I love this part of the interview.  You know...the point in which I realize there's no way this guy has what it takes to handle the PRESSURE but instead of promptly ending the interview I decide to nearly end his life!  I'm a bit of a sadist to say the least and love watching men suffer!  I suppose that's what makes me perfect for this job.

It's kind of funny how we've been trying to fill this position for the past 3 years but haven't found anyone, including Mr. Grabowski, who can survive these thunderous thighs. 

So who's next!? 

Who wants to step-up and finally pass Skylar's HIGH PRESSURE Interview!?


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