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Nika Venom

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Since my little stepbrother likes to wear my girly clothes...it's time to see if I can toughen up the little sissy between my thighs!


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Video Description

When we first introduced Nika Venom with her good friend, Naomi Swann in 'The Recruit', she was an instant hit! 

Many of you e-mailed us wanting to know if we were going to show more of her in a future video and the answer of course is...YES!!

Nika definitely puts the VENOM in her last name in this video as her tongue stings every bit as her VICIOUS THIGHS in her 2nd ScissorVixen video titled 'SCISSORING the Sissy!'.

Like most girls, Nika doesn't care to share her clothes with her siblings...especially when that sibling is a scrawny little stepbrother who thinks he looks pretty in one of her favorite pink dresses!

She comes back from a jog to find him taking selfies while wearing her dress and quickly wrestles him to the floor locking on a an arm choke at the same time!

Then she wraps her powerful cheerleader thighs around his pencil neck causing him to leave out a high-pitched girly squeal and says..."What are you going to do...tell Mom about this!?  You won't be able to if you're passed out!".

Watch as she locks him up in her DEVASTATING REVERSE HEADSCISSORS while slowly sucking the life out of him then transitions it into a suffocating reverse figure-4!

Next she straddles his neck while keeping him completely immobile in a humiliating school-girl pin continuing to taunt and laugh at his helplessness!

"See I have the power here!", she tells him while caught in her EYE-POPPING front head scissor and follows up by telling him..."You're easy to DOMINATE!".

Nika continues to TORTURE her poor stepbrother over and over again until she finally decides it's time to put him away before their parents get home telling him..."I wanna see your eyes roll to the back of your head!" and sarcastically consoles him saying..."We're almost done!".

Nika Venom then drags his unconscious limp body along the living room floor on her way to tucking him into bed!

So check out the BEAUTIFUL, but oh so poisonous, Nika Venom teaching her little stepbrother who's in charge in 'SCISSORING the Sissy!'.



SVDL-1264 'SCISSORING the Sissy!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : March-6-2019



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