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 SVDL-1234 "Keilani's SCISSOR Mat!" Preview and Download Page

Keilani's SCISSOR Mat!


Keilani Kita




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Oh sure, I don't mind if you stretch out on my mat as long as you don't mind me stretching out my THIGHS around your neck!


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Video Description

BEAUTIFUL Keilani Kita is an EXOTIC Asian-American and Latina mix who loves mixing it up on the dance floor in real life. 

She's a competitive ballroom dancing champion (for real) and has also competed in gymnastics as well as other sports growing up.

And as she puts it..."I get this message sent to me a lot...'Goddamn ur thighs are just fuckin...'positive grunting.' ".

Yep...ballroom dancing thighs usually get plenty of attention on the dance floor and now, in the case of Keilani Kita, they are going to get even more attention on the gym floor!

Keilani likes to stretch out before every workout on her own personal mat meant for one but when a pushy little guy decides to invade her space by taking up half of her mat, she takes up his entire head between her thighs!

"Oh, I know how we can share this mat!", she tells him as she wraps her powerful dancer thighs around his neck, locks her ankles and begins to SQUEEEEZE!

Thanks to him, Keilani is going to get an excellent stretch by stretching her leg scissors around his tiny little neck and body in one BRUTAL scissor hold after the other!

At one point, Keilani decides her calves need some stretching as well and drags him over to the weightlifting machine, clamps his neck between her thighs while standing and starts doing calf raises, squeezing as hard as she can on every rep!

But it doesn't stop there!

Keilani's reverse head scissors are to die for, and in, as she pulls his tiny head up high and tight and really gives him something to look at, and feel, as she eventually knocks him out cold!

Once out, Keilani decides he can have the whole mat to himself after-all and rolls him up inside of it before casually walking out of the gym telling him??You can keep the mat!?.

Whether on the dance floor, or gym floor, Keilani Kita's legs will always demand attention and respect!

So check out GORGEOUS new ScissorVixen, Keilani Kita in 'Keilani's SCISSOR Mat!'.



SVDL-1234 'Keilani's SCISSOR Mat!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : August-22-2018



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