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 SVDL-1233 "Blowing Up His Head!" Preview and Download Page

Blowing Up His Head!


Lethal Lola




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This loser keeps blowing up my phone so now it's time for me to BLOW UP HIS HEAD between my powerful thighs!


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Video Description

Luscious Lethal Lola returns to ScissorVixens ready to teach some douchbag she made the mistake of sharing her cell number to a lesson about blowing things up!

After making 50 calls and sending her 90 unanswered text messages he decides to show up at her apartment to deliver his message in person.


"What the hell are you doing here!?", she asks as the fool has no idea what she's about to do to him.

Then Lola wraps her incredibly SEXY, but oh so powerful dancer thighs around his neck, and tells him..."You wanna keep blowing up my phone, I'll blow up your head instead!".

And that's exactly what she nearly does moving from one eye-popping, neck-snapping and throat-busting scissor hold after the other!

Lola's thighs are CRAZY STRONG and she barely has straighten her thighs to apply a terrifying squeeze simply by flexing her inner thigh muscles around his neck!

"You like the way I SQUEEEEEZE you!?", she asks as she looks back at his tortured face barely able to breath in her suffocating reverse head scissors!

"I'll keep squeezing until I pop your head off!", she threatens him with a skull-crushing scissors from behind his head!

After nearly ending his life between her torturous thighs, Lethal Lola grabs his phone, straddles his chest while pulling his head up between her legs and deletes her number from his phone and says..."Now don't EVER call me again!".

This is one lesson this loser isn't about to forget anytime soon, and neither will you, after watching Lethal Lola in 'Blowing Up His Head!".



SVDL-1233 'Blowing Up His Head!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : August-18-2018



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