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 SVDL-1227 "Here's A Closer Look For You!" Preview and Download Page

Here's A Closer Look For You!


Lethal Lola




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He couldn't resist perving on my INSANE BODY so now it's time he get's a closer look from between my POWERFUL thighs!


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Video Description

When we first saw pics of Lethal Lola, we thought no one could possibly have the kind of wasp-like CURVES her pictures displayed featuring an incredibly tight and tiny waist and perfectly shaped hips, legs and ass not to mention her impressive upper body. 

But when she showed up...her body was every bit as impressive as her pictures depicted!

No, Lethal Lola is not a fitness or figure competitor but yes...she does spend plenty of time in the gym along with being an exotic dancer.  All of those things combined with her outstanding genetics make for one impressive physique!

And just like a wasp...her THIGHS can deliver a very PAINFUL STING!

This was Lethal Lola's first ever scissor video and like many new ScissorVixens who know how powerful their thighs are, she started out cautiously but slowly, and painfully, increased the pressure from one scissor hold to the next!

Lethal Lola has quite a large social following thanks to her KNOCKOUT body and good looks and loves taking photos to keep her fans happy.

But what she doesn't like is being perved on by someone who is supposed to be fixing her shower but decides to fix his eyes on her instead!

Watch as Lethal Lola catches him staring through a small glass window inside the shower into her bedroom as she slowly moves her incredible body to the beat of music while wearing a sinfully but sexy thong bikini and high heels.

"Oh my God...what are you doing!?", she asks.

"Oh nothing...just trying to fix the shower.", he replies.

But Lethal Lola knows better than that and drags the pervert from the bathroom to the bedroom where she's going to give him a closer look of her magnificent curves from between her POWERFUL THIGHS!

"Here's a closer look for you!", she tells him while clamping on a BRUTAL neck scissors from behind and then transitions to a strangling figure-4 telling him..."I'm going to squeeze you until you pass out!".

Lola makes her way around the 'scissor circle' going from a scissors from behind to a side neck scissors and finishes up with eye-bulging front neck scissors.

After warming up on the side of the bed, Lethal Lola makes him take off her shoes and then pulls him all the way up on the bed where she continues to torture him with her outrageously SEXY body and SKULL-CRUSHING THIGHS!

"I'm gonna break every one of your ribs!", she threatens while clamping her CRUSHERS around his body.

Then it's time to show off what really makes her the money, her ass, in a MURDEROUS reverse headscissors flexing her glutes in-and-out before folding it into an eye-popping reverse figure-4!

"Ok, guess it's time to knock you out!", Lethal Lola tells him and pulls him HIGH AND TIGHT into a throat-busting neck scissors causing his body to convulse uncontrollably as he panics from the lack of oxygen!

Once the pervert is out cold, Lethal Lola gets up and walks off to the shower to get ready for her next show!

So check out the AMAZINGLY HOT Lethal Lola in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Here's A Closer Look For You!



SVDL-1227 'Here's A Closer Look For You!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-6-2018



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