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 SVDL-1217 "Antoinette's SCISSOR Bitch!" Preview and Download Page

Antoinette's SCISSOR Bitch!


Antoinette Soto




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I keep breaking all of my scissor toys, like the one I'm playing with now, and need a new one...do you want to be my new SCISSOR BITCH!?


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Video Description

GORGEOUS fitness babe, Antoinette Soto, makes her debut on ScissorVixens and shows off her amazing booty and thighs in SKULL CRUSHING SCISSOR action!

Antoinette is a fiery mix of Native American Indian and Mexican and is every bit as HOT as the Arizona sun where she lives and performs as a professional Go-Go dancer as well as a fitness enthusiast.

One look at Antoinette's physique and you know this muscle-girl doesn't skip LEG DAY or any other day in the gym!

She told us that often during her Go-Go dancing performances, men will ask her to wrap her legs around them in an attempt to feel their power.  These men obviously have no idea just how powerful her PYTHONS are or they would never request to be put in such a dangerous position!

But for one of Antoinette's SCISSOR Bitches....that's exactly where her finds himself...trapped between the death SQUEEEZE of her thighs!

Antoinette starts out looking into the camera introducing herself, and the rest of her magnificent body, drawing particular attention to her LETHAL LEGS and GLORIOUS GLUTES asking if anyone is ready to the PRESSURE!

And magically, a somewhat unsure and reluctant volunteer steps forward but when Antoinette tells him what she has in store for him, "I'm going to get you between these thighs and SQUEEEEEZE the hell out of you with them!", he decides it's time to leave!

Oops...too late!

Antoinette, and her thighs, are ready to play with a new toy and like many before him, she's about to BREAK this one as well!

There are plenty of BRUTAL eye-popping, rib-crushing and neck-breaking scissors as Antoinette's thighs prove to be too much for him, or any man, to handle as she often looks into the camera taunting prospective SCISSOR Bitches!

So, do you have what it takes to 'play' with Antoinette's anacondas and eventually become her full-time SCISSOR Bitch!?

After watching what this poor guy endures between her thighs...we doubt you'll even want to try!

So check out AMAZING Antoinette Soto in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Antoinette's SCISSOR Bitch!'.



SVDL-1217 'Antoinette's SCISSOR Bitch!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : May-2-2018



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