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When I don't have a pole to warm up with I use the next best thing...his scrawny, fragile neck...CRUNCH!


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Video Description

Real-life pole dancing competitor and exotic dancer Julia returns to try out her new skills on his neck!

Poledancers are natural NECK-CRUSHERS!

They spend years gripping a long, steel pole with their adductors (inner thigh muscles) in order to suspend their full weight while doing various acrobatic movements. 

They hang on that pole for dear life for fear of landing on their heads.  So needless to say they are accustomed to maintaining a DEATH GRIP on the pole for extended periods of time!

In Julia's latest video she's practicing for her next pole-dancing competition where the stakes have been raised this time.  The dancers now have to demonstrate superior muscle control and form by maintaining each pose for a minimum of 2 minutes per movement! 

Not having much time to practice for the competition Julia 'recruits' her less-than willing boyfriend and his scrawny neck to stand-in for the pole!

It's one thing for Julia to wrap her powerful thighs around a steel pole but quite another when she wraps her pythons around her boyfriend's much more vulnerable and fragile neck! 

Plenty of EYE-POPPING pressure in this one as Julia's insane leg power has him begging to be released but not before she's finished with her pole-crushing moves!

So if you wanna see what happens when a real-life pole-dancing competitor grips the neck of an unwilling male victim with her vise-like thighs  then you don't want to miss Julia in 'Pole PRESSURE!'.



SVDL-1198 'Pole PRESSURE!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : December-20-2017



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