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The SCISSOR Stretch!






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He said there isn't room for two people to stretch on the mat so I found a solution...stretch my thighs around his neck!


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Video Description

Note:  This video was initially shot several years ago but we never released the full video download until now!  As an added bonus...although we were releasing our members area video clips and full video downloads at a lower resolution (856x480) at that time, we originally shot this video in FULL HD.  This means we are now able to release it in FULL HD at 1920x1080 which is TWICE the resolution as the members area video clips original release.

Sexy long legged ScissorVixen, Jen, decides she'd like to stretch out on the warm-up mat but some fool decides he isn't going to share any of the mat with her.

Little does he know that he's messing with the WRONG girl and she makes a wager that if she can make him cry like a little bitch and force him to tap-out...she gets the entire mat to herself.

Well...the silly boy accepts her challenge and that's when Jen goes to work using her incredibly sexy, long thighs to capture his head in skull-crushing scissors and figure-4's that make his eyes practically bulge out of their sockets!

Jen also LOVES the 'scissor chop' in which she raises one thigh high in the air and sends it crashing down on his skull like a man-eating paper cutter nearly decapitating him with each chop!

Jen is relentless in this video as not only does her her long, beautiful thighs get a good stretch...so does his neck caught between them over and over again!

In the end....Jen decides to put him away for good in a torturous side neck scissors that leaves his limp, lifeless body unconscious while she drags him off of the mat and finally has it all to herself to continue practicing her 'Scissor Stretch'!



SVDL-1192 'The SCISSOR Stretch!' Preview Clip


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  31 minutes 

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Date Added : November-2-2017



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