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 SVDL-1185 "It's Time For Another BEATING!" Preview and Download Page

It's Time For Another BEATING!


MissFit Tess




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Using my cute little dog to gain attention from other women isn't so cute but taking a BEATING from my thighs is!


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Video Description

Super muscular and ripped fitness babe, MissFit Tess, finally makes her way in front of our ScissorVixens cameras after first noticing her a few years ago!

We've been watching her YouTube videos showing off her amazingly buff physique and quirky but very entertaining personality ever since.

So when we were given the opportunity to finally shoot MissFit Tess during the 2017 Olympia here in Vegas we didn't hesitate to jump on the opportunity!

Without question what stands out the most about MissFit Tess is her year-round, hard-as-rock muscular condition showing off insanely deep cuts in her arms, shoulders and of course...her thighs!

She attributes a lot of it to her clean diet along with superior genetics and her thirst to 'rule the weight room' has a lot to do with it as well.

Of course with a physique like hers she can rule just about anything, or anyone, she wants to once she wraps rock-hard quads around your neck or ribs!

And her boyfriend learns that lesson, once again, after MissFit Tess views several photos of him posing with her cute, little dog and several cute women in the same shot on his social network page.

"Oh, I see what's going on!?  All these pictures of MY DOG and these girls with MY DOG and YOU and no pictures of US!".

After giving him a few seconds to respond MissFit Tess tells him it's time for another lesson, or in this case...another BEATING!

Watch as she strips out of her tight form-fitting dress to reveal her amazing man-destroying physique while only wearing a sexy  bikini!

This is one BEATING he may not survive!

One look at his eyes bulging out of their sockets in response to MissFit Tess's thighs wrapped around his neck says it all! 

Her muscles are every bit as powerful as they look!

Plenty of tap-outs in this one as well as her poor boyfriend practically begging for his life right before MissFit Tess tells him it's time to take a nap!

After dimming his lights, watch as MissFit Tess stands up, puts one foot on his chest and flexes her thighs for the camera as if to say..."Who's next!?".

So check out MissFit Tess making her ScissorVixen debut in 'It's Time For Another BEATING!'.



SVDL-1185 'Time For Another BEATING!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : September-20-2017



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