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 SVDL-1171 "Who's The Little Bitch Now!?" Preview and Download Page

Who's The Little Bitch Now!?


Princess Carmela




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He called me a little bitch while texting his friend...only problem is...he accidentally texted me, Who's The Little Bitch Now!?


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Video Description

We said it the first time we worked with Princess Carmela and it's definitely worth repeating...this GORGEOUS dark-haired Italian is nothing short of VICIOUS!

Watch as she CRUSHES Drew in one excruciating scissor hold after the other!

Her facial expressions, evil laugh and MIND-BLOWING THIGH POWER have Drew practically begging for his life! 

When at one point she threatens Drew by saying..."I'll fucking kill you!"...he had no doubt she could literally do just that if she wanted to!

We've all done it before...juggling two or more text conversations at the same time.

Then comes that "Oh shit!" moment when you realize you sent a nasty text to the wrong person!

And that's exactly what Drew does by calling Princess Carmela a 'bitch', thinking he texted someone else only to have Princess Carmela tell him she got that text message instead of his friend...OOPS and soon to be OUCH!

There's not much to say other than Drew gets absolutely massacred in this video!

It's as if Princess Carmela was channeling a real-life event, and at times it felt as though she was going to snap Drew's neck in half!

And her bodyscissors!? Good lord!  Absolutely breath-taking and as you recall from her first video...powerful enough to knock you out!

We've worked with hundreds of ScissorVixen models over the years but few are as mean and vicious as Princess Carmela...this girl LOVES INFLICTING PAIN!

So check out Princess Carmela in her latest ScissorVixen video  titled 'Who's The Little Bitch Now!?'.



SVDL-1171 'Who's The Little Bitch Now!?' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-18-2017



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