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 SVDL-1169 "Leila - Queen Of The SCISSOR Pit!" Preview and Download Page

Leila - Queen Of The SCISSOR Pit!


Leila Hazlett




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This guy thinks he's 'King Of The Mosh Pit' because he plays rough, so it's time to meet Leila - Queen Of The Scissor Pit!


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Video Description

We're back visiting where it all started for ScissorVixens in May of 2004...Boston, Ma.

And no matter where we are, we are always looking for new and exciting talent.  But we also love when we find out a few of our earlier ScissorVixen models are still in the scene and doing quite well!

So when we saw Leila Hazlett recently pop up on our Twitter feed looking as fit as ever...we had to reach out to  her to let her know we're back in town for a few weeks!

She immediately responded and a few days later...we had the very fit red-head in front of our ScissorVixens cameras once again...this time CRUSHING one of our past victims (Mark) senseless between her muscular thighs!

For those who have seen Mark in action as our victim in past videos...you know he loves to talk ‘smack’ to the girls, which of course only makes them want to LITERALLY pop his head off even more!

Leila by nature is a gentle soul but Mark certainly found the right buttons to push and had his 'buttons' pushed to the brink of unconsciousness a few times in this video!

We even catch tears streaming down Mark's face on a few occasions from the BRUTAL SCISSOR PRESSURE administered by Leila Hazlett's lethal legs!

In this video, Mark likes to refer to himself as the 'King Of The Mosh Pit', because he treats the popular head-banging, slam-dancing activity likes it’s a WWE battle royal!

So when he thinks giving a pretty little redhead a hard forearm to her back is going to impress her, she pretends to like it and manages to get his address.

She shows up to his apartment, ready for more head-banging action but it's not what this guy has in mind!

It's head banging action between her powerful thighs as she introduces him to..."Leila...Queen Of The SCISSOR Pit!",

Sometimes things get better with time and we can honestly say without a doubt...that is the case with Leila Hazlett!

She was in great shape several years ago when we first shot her and she's in better shape now!

But she has also come a long way in her persona, displaying a sexy but dominant attitude throughout the video. 

While she's applying eye-popping pressure with her thighs, she often likes to stroke your hair or gently trace her finger along the veins popping out of your forehead all the while antagonizing you in her sexy voice.

It's quite the contrast between the torturous power of her leg scissors and the gentle touch of her hands and sultry voice.

So for our long-time ScissorVixen fans...welcome back Leila Hazlett! 

And for our newer ScissorVixen fans...welcome 'Leila - Queen Of The SCISSOR Pit!'.



SVDL-1169 'Leila - Queen Of The SCISSOR Pit!' Preview Clip


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Date Added : July-12-2017



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