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Bella Ink




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This is what happens you you close your eyes and call my name three times...Scissorella! Scissorella! Scissorella!


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Video Description

New ScissorVixen Bella Ink stars in another installment of our ScissorVixens 'Superheroine' series playing the role of a tall, leggy villainess who appears out of thin air whenever someone closes their eyes and calls her name three times...Scissorella! Scissorella! Scissorella!

So when her latest 'soon to be victim' does just that after buying a new comic book series featuring Scissorella on the front cover, he is shocked when he opens his eyes and sees her standing next to his bed.

"Hey dude...I gotta call you back later", he tells his friend on the phone while in a state of shock and disbelief that his favorite comic book character is breathing the same air he is.

But that's about to change since Scissorella will be the only one breathing after she's done with him!

Scissorella is known for her extremely LETHAL LEGS in which she CRUSHERS all of her adversaries, and anyone else, into oblivion using the bone-crushing power of her scissors!

Watch as Scissorella traps his head in a standing head scissors on the edge of the bed saying..."Oh god, I just love when guys heads are trapped between my fucking thighs!".

Then she wraps her long legs around his body, nearly snapping him in half while also covering his mouth with her strong hands preventing him from taking in even a small breath of oxygen!

"How powerful are my thighs!?", she taunts him while watching him frantically struggle to breath in a throat-busting figure-4!

In the end Scissorella ends his suffering with her signature reverse head scissors this time saying her own name in which he finally goes to sleep for good after she says ?Scissorella? for the 3rd time!

So check out SEXY new ScissorVixen, Bella Ink, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Scissorella'!



SVDL-1118 'Scissorella!' Preview Clip


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