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SVDL-1056 "Silent SCISSORS!" Preview and Download Page

**Due to a malfunction during filming this video does not contain audio but does contain plenty of great scissor action!**




Maria Marley and Miss J




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 He told us to turn down our workout music because it's too loud but we'd rather silence him with our scissors instead!


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Video Description

**Please note:  There was an audio malfunction during the filming of this video which prevented the microphone from working properly and as a result there is no audio.  However we feel the scissor action is exceptionally good and we have decided to offer this video for FREE for our ScissorVixens.com members and at a discount price of $9.99to non-members!**

Have you ever pulled up to a bar and noticed the awesome muscular legs of the female bartender and wondered what it would be like to have your head caught between her thighs?  Wondering whether or not she'd even entertain the possibility of putting the SQUEEEEZE on your head!

Well....in this video we feature two newbie ScissorVixens.  One is a popular fetish model by the name of Marisa Marley (ScissorVixen with blue sports top and pink leggings) and the other is Miss J who is that bartender with the killer legs you've always fantasized about!

The first time we walked into what has now become our favorite downtown bar Miss J was behind the counter serving up drinks wearing a short mini-skirt that really showed off her powerful legs.  I looked at my friend and said..."We gotta get this girl on ScissorVixens.com some day!".

Over the next few weeks we'd show up with various fetish models including Marisa Marley and openly talk about our fetish shoots knowing Miss J was listening with an intrigued ear.  And sure enough...Miss J's curiosity got the best of her as she wanted to know more about what we did.

She seemed excited over the idea that she could make money dominating men especially with the part of her body she's proudest of...HER KILLER LEGS!

And so we set up the shoot along with one of those models she was familiar with at the bar (Marisa Marley).  And now she's making her scissoring debut here on ScissorVixens.com!

Although there is no audio in this video Miss J's ear-to-ear grin says it all...this girl LOVES TO SCISSOR! 

Instead of helping customers feel light-headed at the local bar by serving them drinks she's helping Drew feel light-headed with a few servings of her SCISSORS!

And her new fetish friend Marisa Marley is helping with her double-shot-scissors squeezing the air out of Drew's lungs in murderous bodyscissors while Miss J strangle his neck in a reverse head scissors!

This is what Drew deserves after telling the exercising duo to turn down their loud music or he's going to silence the music for them!

But with Miss J and Marisa Marley the only one who is going to be silenced is Drew when they both decide to DESTROY him in a non-stop scissor frenzy of one-on-one and double-team scissors that leave him silenced for good!

So check out Marisa Marley and Miss J making their ScissorVixens debut in 'Silent SCISSORS!'



SVDL-1056 'Silent SCISSORS!' Preview Clip


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