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 SVRC-0042 "Move It Or Get CRUSHED!" Preview and Download Page

Move It Or Get CRUSHED!



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(Initially released as SVDL-197)



Full High Definition


**This video was originally released at lower resolution and has been recaptured and re-released in full high definition.**


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When I say move it...I mean move it NOW or suffer the consequences between my thighs like this foolish maintenance man!


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Video Description

I remember when we first met this SEXY little redhead named Lana at our studio in Ma. 

Lana was as cute as they come but good lord...what a cocky and sassy cutie she was!

She was waiting for us at the studio wearing these incredibly short Daisy Duke shorts and stretching out her dancer trained thighs and when we arrived she looked at us with a smirk on her face and asked..."So which one of you am I gonna' squeeze between my thighs!?".

"Oh boy!", I remember thinking...this little Lana isn't shy and we'd soon find out...scissoring guys between her thighs wasn't anything new to her!

She told us how growing up in Florida...she'd get into plenty of wrestling matches with the neighborhood kids, many of which were boys, and always managed to get a 'leg lock' on them as she described, sending many of the poor boys home crying to their momma because they got beat up by a girl!

And her 'leg locks' was also how Lana told us she kept her little brother in line and he grew fearing his big sisters thighs!

We sincerely hope you enjoy seeing this SEXY and SASSY little redhead DESTROYING her victim in one of our popular ScissorVixens Recaptured series videos!

Lana lounges on the couch in teeny-tiny cutoff jeans and tank top awaiting the maintenance man and telling him "Move my couch out from the wall!".

Grumbling at the haughty bitch, he tries to oblige but can't move it, finally saying "If you moved your ass and got up, you could lend me a hand!", to which she snaps "How about I lend you my LEGS!?", and throws him into a flying neckscissor that is the first of many head-cracking, neck-wrenching, rib-aching scissors to follow!

Lana's dancer's legs ripple and roll on his skull, her smooth, muscular thighs bulging with power as she snares him again and again, her rock-hard ass pushing the material of her tiny cutoff short-shorts to the bursting point!

For a little gal at 5'2" her legs are short in stature, but LONG on power as those little limbs actually get the big lug in a figure four BODYSCISSORS!

Lana's legs rule the day and in the end, she forces him to light her cigarette as she face-scissors him, telling him "You don't move until the couch does...got it!?".

So check out GORGEOUS little red-headed dancer, Lana, in 'Move It Or Get CRUSHED!'.


SVRC-0042 'Move It Or Get CRUSHED!' Preview Clip


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  31 minutes 

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Total file size =  2.19 GB


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Date Added : February-15-2019



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