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When Mistress Taylor asks you to bring a mask and leash and you fail to comply you get Leashed by Her THIGHS instead!

Video Description
Tall, leggy 5'9" tall fashion model turned ass-kicker, Taylor Knight, makes her ScissorVixen debut showing us just how dominant she can be!

It wasn't immediately apparent when she first walked into our studio that beneath her long, lithe legs was plenty of muscle more than capable of knocking men out with her lethal squeeeeeze!

But once she wrapped her legs around her victim's neck those sexy but powerful thigh muscles suddenly appeared!

We asked her how she developed such muscular legs and she told us..."I belong to a pole dancing studio and having to support our weight by wrapping our legs around a pole and squeezing has certainly built up the muscles in my legs!".

It didn't take long for our first victim to feel the results of Taylor's pole dancing training as he tapped-out within seconds of her first neck scissors!

In this video Mistress Taylor Knight's slave seems to have a problem following instructions.

She told him to bring along his 'piggy' mask and a leash for their next session but when he shows up empty-handed she LEASHES her thighs around his neck!

"My thighs are as strong as fuck!", she tells him while nearly popping his head off in a neck scissors and warns him..."I can knock you out if I wanted to!", which she nearly does on several occasions!

Watch as Taylor's loooong legs wrap him up in a figure-4 around his body trapping him without any hope of escape saying..."This is a lot of fun for me!".

And her reverse figure-4 neck scissors has him screaming in agony as she tightens every muscle in her legs and ass like a boa-constrictor slowly applying a death-squeeze!

In the end she applies a BRUTAL throat scissors, methodically increasing the pressure until he finally succumbs to her thighs, fading off into unconsciousness!

So, if you think you're 'sissy' enough to be Mistress Taylor's slave you better be sure to follow her instructions or you'll be 'Leashed by Her THIGHS!' as well!


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 'Leashed by Her THIGHS!' Members Area Preview Clip

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